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  1. Transgender Day Of Remembrance - A New Date for a brighter tomorrow.
    I made this suggestion about a month ago. To have the Transgender Day of Remembrance on a Friday in Spring. We, The Livingston County Rainbow Alliance will be doing this.
  2. As with most anything having to do with this topic of remembrance THIS VIDEO COMES WITH AN EXTREME TRIGGER WARNING! This is the entire ceremony held on Nov. 20th 2015 at UCC (United Church of Christ, Lakeville New York) . Though the subject matter is difficult, it's needed. I speak frankly about suicide. I speak frankly about children. I speak frankly about what it takes to save lives.
  3. Transgender Day of Remembrance 2014

    On November 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance, people will gather across the country to pay respect to those needlessly killed by hate crimes against the transgender community.

    Over the next week, HRC will raise up the voices of transgender community leaders and advocates to bring attention to the continued fight for a safer and better future for all members of our community.

    HRC members and supporters will also join with community organizers across the country to pay respect to call attention to the threat of violence our transgender friends and family regularly face.

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