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  1. Hello I have been thinking of starting a weekly to monthly meetings group for locals in Toronto Ontario CA yet my YouTube channel videos can support International folks from around the world !  The thing is there are costs associated with regular basis meetings of hosting to group organization etc! I am thinking of management of activities so much to use technology as an asset.  
    A lot of the resources are available to cross dresser on YouTube but 1 on 1 support for advanced member is a bit harder to find.  I have many videos talking about issues of transgenders but my YouTube is broad diverse range of topics apart of transgenders support.  
    Watch subscribe My YouTube channel videos Shazy Jeo and there is something for everyone !
  2. Toronto Mourns Suicide of Transgender Leader
    Toronto residents are grieving the loss of transgender activist Kyle Scanlon, who the Torontoist called "a valued leader, gifted mentor, and much-loved friend" after Scanlon took his own life July 3. Scanlon was the education, training, and research...