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  1. I'd like to thank our transgender forum moderators here at Without your participation the forum would simply cease to exist. The pay is lousy since it's a volunteer position, but it is fulfilling and rewarding to know we touch lives of those searching for support and comfort in trying times.

    Congratulations are in order for these fine people who give of their time and keep this forum vibrant and safe;

    UsernameOptional (Michael) is now a Forum Administrator. (member since March 2005)

    Annie is now a Senior Moderator (member since January 2005)
    Bonnie is now a Senior Moderator (member since February 2005)
    Shannon is now a Senior Moderator (member since December 2004)

    And please welcome our newest moderators

    Caroline Tyler is now a Forum Moderator (member since May 2009)
    Gennee is now a Forum Moderator (member since November 2005)
    MsBeth is now a Forum Moderator (member since September 2010)

    And as for me, I've been around since the beginning of our present forum which was originally created in October 2004, however, has continually been online as a transgender resource since 1996!

    Our moderators are all committed to serving the transgender community. Please thank them for their work as we take the TGGuide Transgender Forum to the next level!
  2. The old gender selections have been removed from our forums and from member profiles. Your action is required if you wish to designate a gender selection in your profile

    I have wanted to change the old settings that only allowed for Not Telling, Male or Female. I finally managed to modify the forum to provide the following "gender or gender expression" options;

    Not Telling

    These new gender selections meet our needs much better.

    New members will be prompted to include their gender selection when they create a new account. This gender selection can be changed at any time by the member.

    If you are already a member (as of 11/29/11) you will need to edit your profile if you want to select a gender. To do so go to My Profile >> Edit my Profile >> Profile Information where you can change and update your gender. Be sure to click the Save Changes button at the bottom.
  3. Please welcome GreenShade as our newest forum moderator. You may have noticed she has been rather active in our significant others forum. She has an intimate understanding of what it takes to be significant other in the life of a transgender person. It is my pleasure to welcome her on board as a moderator. :)