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  1. Mitch Kellaway | May 11 2015 8:27 PM ET
    "Breast cancer screenings, for instance, are just as necessary for cisgender (nontrans) and transgender women over age 50, but can often be denied coverage by insurers if a woman's birth gender is listed as "male," notes the Journal. Alternatively, for example, certain trans men are unique among men for potentially needing cervical cancer screenings, but could be denied coverage if they had previously updated their medical records to reflect their authentic male gender."  --
    Federal Gov: No, Insurers Can't Deny Transgender Patients Preventive Care
  2. The Office of Personnel Management is reviewing the insurance policies currently offered to agency employees, evaluating whether or not to include transition-related care on future plans.

    Parker Marie Molloy | January 15 2014 10:55 AM ET UPDATED: January 16 2014 2:31 PM ET
    "The federal Office of Personnel Management is in the process of evaluating its healthcare benefit program offered to agency employees — specifically looking into exclusions for transition-related care often sought by transgender workers."

    Federal Agency Reviewing Trans-Exclusionary Insurance Policies