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  1. Zack Ford | Jun 15, 2017
    "To cement their commitment to honoring and protecting transgender people from discrimination, the AMA delegates also “called for future AMA meetings to take place, whenever possible, only in those counties, cities and states that have nondiscriminatory policies.”"  --
    The country’s largest medical organization is protecting transgender people from ‘bathroom bills’
  2. Eric DuVall   |   May 18, 2017 at 2:47 PM
    "The issue came to prominence after North Carolina passed H.B. 2, known as the bathroom bill, which forced transgender individuals to use the bathroom corresponding with their birth certificate. The legislation sparked a national debate, as well as protests and a number of corporate boycotts in North Carolina."  --
    U.S. remains split on need for LGBT anti-discrimination laws
  3. Few Americans, including the LGBT community, are aware that today a transgender employee is protected against being fired because of his or her status as a transgender person in all 50 states. Your Welcome. I was sending email after email and letter after letter to our government and transgender legal centers for years that the Civil Rights Act covers protections against discrimination for Gender Expression under a subsection of sex discrimination. They went a bit further stating the section on Sex discrimination also protects someone in transition. I expect I'll get no credit for shaking the monkey tree. These protections are based on recent rulings from federal courts and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) under Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which made it illegal to discriminate “because of sex.” Almost all public and private-sector employees and job applicants (at companies of 15 or more employees) are covered under Title VII. (This part, while true, isn't all of it.)"It may seem obvious that firing someone from their job “because of [his or her] sex” would include discrimination against transgender people, who are often fired when they transition from one sex to another or when they are outed for having transitioned previously." #transgender #lgbtqI'm sorry if I sound bitter, but I guess I am. 3 years ago no one was thinking along the lines that I laid out. You have no idea how much shit I've taken from the transgender community, the lgbt, politicians and lawyers telling me they knew better than I did. Now they are using what I laid out as the proper strategy. I won't even get a thank you.

  4. I was told today when I went to an appointment at the VA that the VA will be changing it's system to add both sex and gender to patient data to better help treat transgender patients. This is something that was discussed in a tele-conference, and in conversations prior to that tele-conference that I gave to NY state VA's in July of 2015. The reason this is important for patients is because clinical reminders were being missed for transgender patients who have more things during and after transition to check than if they were a patient listed as only either male or female sex. Example: For the transgender female during and after transition both breast exams (any age) and prostate exams (after 50) are needed for the health of the patient as well as perhaps other things. I'm not a Dr. so this is the best example I can give you.  This information was given to me by my primary care and I can't confirm it beyond what she told me.
  5. I know it's new for the LGB but you need to learn to be an Ally and not play victim over transgender issues. You don't always need to say LGBTQ out of habit.
    Gay marriage didn't pass because every gay person voted for it. The gay population isn't large enough to pass any legislation on it's own. It took allies of the gay cause. This is exactly the same. The reason you may be seen by cisgender people as a gay man and not a trans woman (for example) is because the LGB views everything through a lens of sexuality. Even that group has huge difficulty making the distinction because there has been so little willingness to learn.
    I'm just asking the LGB to take on the role of ally to resolve transgender issues just as others took on the role of ally to resolve issues around sexuality. If they care about resolving the issue they will do this. If not it simply shows they want to usurp the issue for their own purpose and care little for the transgender cause.
  6. This is an open letter to the United States.
    What started the modern transgender movement here in the United States? Does anyone even know what the original motivation of transgender people to create change in our societal system was? If you were to look at the behavior of the LGBT and it’s allies being a transgender person and are old enough to remember I think the answer would be no. The motivation was an extension in the personal treatment of gender dysphoria. Legislation that would make treatment easier to get in the US so the legitimate options didn’t exist only outside the US. Legislation that would make it easier or even possible to change identification to match a person’s gender. Legislative protections against discrimination so we could hold a job, rent a house or apartment, receive services and the things that people take for granted but could legally be denied us. The rest room was an extension of that as well. All we were looking for was legal use in another area that would help alleviate the miss match (gender dysphoria).
    To me it seems that underlying motivation that started this is being ignored. Unfortunately it was never fully understood. The LGBT turned to lawyers to argue the cases. To argue the cases using cisgender definitions when speaking of a transgender need. It doesn’t take experiencing gender dysphoria. The one thing above all among transgender people that causes the highest suicide rate among that group. It does however require an understanding of it rather than just an acceptance that transgender people exist.
    The reason we know Gender, a persons mind, and Sex, their physical body, are two separate things in all people is because treatments for a transgender person that work to bring those two things into alignment would bring things out of alignment for a cisgender person. To argue in a court of law that sex and gender are the same things, as they have been historically used from the cisgender viewpoint, is to kick the legs out from under the arguments that treatments are necessary and not simply cosmetic. If sex and gender are the same then treatments for gender dysphoria are not needed and therefore do not need to be covered by insurance. So thank you for working so hard to try to destroy, unintentionally, the basis of what we seek to change.
    The LGBT and it’s allies are perusing this topic as if it’s the same as the topic of sexuality. They are using the same tactics. The only tactics you can use around the topic of sexuality. Acceptance. “Accept that it exists and get over it.” The topic of sexuality however is a single flag. Where the topic of transgender is a three legged stool, (Medication, Education and Legislation), that will only stand if all three legs are made strong. The treatment for sexuality is simply acceptance. The treatment for gender dysphoria crosses over distinctly, uniquely, into both the medical and mental health sectors. Name to me something else that in it’s treatment does that? You can’t, but once again the voice of transgender people are being silenced, as they always have been, and we are being told “Shut up. We got this.” As you take up the banners through your 501c’s believing your money makes up for your lack of understanding.
    The Illinois ruling that came down from the federal government under the Obama administration was an incorrect one. Sex and gender are not the same things so the 1972 Gender Equality Law that used the old cisgender definitions of sex and gender can’t in reality be used as a clothe to wipe clean every aspect of the transgender topic. It can be used as the legislation was intended which was equal participation. Momentum was felt after that ruling and it seemed everyone in the LGBT and ally community were eager to line up behind it. Everyone but those in the transgender community who know better but are never listened to. Victory has outweighed the need for the original motivation that started all of this.
    When I speak out in an effort to change your course I’m accused of my efforts being about just me. That if somehow my speaking out to correct a huge flaw in your course should be taken as a lack of support for the overall goals. The people who started shaking this monkey tree and getting things moving were not only seeing what would be beneficial to themselves but recognized that if fixed would be beneficial to those trying to navigate this very difficult path. Even though you are the larger group, I see this becoming about you and how the difficulties of others can be harnessed to benefit your organizations. I just wish you would stop and bare in mind why this was started and the goals we were trying to achieve.
    Erica Elizabeth Ravenwood
  7. Noah Michelson |  05/14/2016 08:58 am ET
    "“Maybe the issue is really not bathrooms at all,” she said. “Maybe because now gay men and lesbians can get married, and they’re no longer the whipping boys and whipping girls in this country, now maybe they’re trying to rile up people against transgender people. And it’s not right, and it’s not fair.”"  --
    ‘Family’ Group Member Can’t Answer Simplest Question About Trans Bathrooms
  8. Krystin Arneson | April 26, 2016 12:00 pm
    "Of course it's not just a human-rights issue they're taking a stand on: Businesses can suffer if discriminatory laws pass. In Nashville, for example, leaders in tourism and entertainment are worried about boycotts that could lead to lost hotel rooms and shows pulling the productions from the city. They might be right: Viacom—Country Music Television's parent company—has also been publicly condemning discriminatory bills. And Lionsgate, which films Nashville, in, well, Nashville, moved 100 jobs from North Carolina after the state passed a similar bill."
    These 70 Companies You Use Every Day Are Among Those Taking a Stand for Transgender Rights
  9. i happened to turn to ABC-TV tonite just in time to catch the news program 20/20's segment about a widow who's in a legal battle with her late husband's family. the widow is a transwoman who says he knew it from day one but loved her unconditionally. his family (and their lawyer) says he didn't have a clue and was devistated when he found out.

    Nikki Araguz will probably lose all contact with her late husband's children, she'll probably lose any benefits that would have gone to a wife because as far as TX is concerned... she is a male, which in the eyes of TX law...made her marriage a same-sex marriage - illegal in TX. and so her marriage is considered null and void, which means she's not a widow and therefore entitled to nothing.

    "This story just seems to represent such a tragedy for everyone involved. Unfortunately, this situation highlights many injustices faced by transgendered families in this country." -Masen Davis, executive director, Transgender Law Center, San Francisco

    the video is not online yet, but you can read the story and catch a vid clip or two...
    "Transgender Widow May Lose Her Deceased Husband's Benefits..."
  10. "A judge recently ruled Nikki Araguz’s marriage to Captain Thomas Araguz was not valid because she was born a man, making her ineligible to receive $600,000 in her husband’s death benefits..."

    Read the article (with photo): Transgender widow of Wharton Co. firefighter appeals decision that marriage was invalid
  11. The ACLU published a report regarding transgender people and the law. The report was published in November, 2009 so there may be some changes, but this may be a good starting point for information about your rights under the laws of the United States.

    Know Your Rights - Transgender People and the Law


    Discrimination in Employment, Housing, Public Places, and Schools

    Are there laws that clearly prohibit discrimination against transgender people?

    Do laws that prohibit sexual orientation discrimination protect transgender people?

    Do laws that prohibit sex discrimination protect transgender people?

    Do laws that bar disability discrimination protect transgender people?

    Does the U.S. Constitution protect transgender people from discrimination?

    Are there laws that specifically protect transgender students from discrimination?

    Does the law protect a transgender person’s right to use the restroom consistent with his or her gender identity?

    Name Change and Identity Documents

    Can a person change his or her name to reflect his or her gender identity?

    Can a person get name and gender marker changed on his or her birth certificate?

    Does changing the gender marker on the birth certificate legally change one’s sex?

    Can a person change his or her name and gender marker with the Social Security Administration?

    Is it advisable to change one’s name and gender with the Social Security Administration?

    Can a person change name and gender on his/her passport?

    Family Matters

    If one spouse in a marriage transitions, is the couple still legally married?

    Is the marriage of a post-transition transsexual to a person of a different sex legal?

    Does transitioning during marriage affect parental rights?

    Health Care Coverage

    Do any government health care programs cover transition-related surgery or other transition-related medical treatment?

    Does private health insurance cover transition-related surgery or other transition-related medical treatment?

    What does the law say about insurance companies denying coverage for routine medical treatments because one has undergone procedures for purposes of gender transition?

    Criminal Law and Transgender People

    Are there laws that prohibit hate crimes against transgender people?

    Is cross-dressing against the law?

    Transgender Rights in Prison

    Are prison officials required to place a transgender inmate in the facility that matches the inmate’s gender identity?

    Do transgender prisoners have a right to get hormone therapy?

    Transgender Immigrants

    May a transgender immigrant be granted asylum in the United States because of anti-transgender harassment in his or her country of origin?

    Know Your Rights - Transgender People and the Law

  12. ACLU Report: Transgender People and the Law
    National Center for Transgender Equality
    Transgender Law and Policy Institute
    Transgender Rights Virginia
    Human Rights Commission
    The National Lawyers Guild San Francisco Bay Area Chapter guides for the transgender community

    Criminal Law Manual for the Transgender Community
    Employment Law for the Transgender Community
    Immigration Law for the Transgender Community
    Housing Law for the Transgender Community
    [*]Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition
    [*]New York Association for Gender Rights Advocacy
    [*]NYC LGBT Center's Gender Identity Project
    [*]Sylvia Rivera Law Project
    [*]TNET – PFLAG's Transgender Network
    [*]Transcending Boundaries
    [*]Transgender Day of Remembrance
    [*]Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund
    [*]Trans Youth Family Allies
    [*]Lambda Legal
    [*]Equality California
    [*]National Center for Lesbian Rights (Transgender Law)
    [*]Gender Centre (Australia)
    [*]Campus Pride
    [*]Basic Rights Oregon
    [*]Trans Oregonians' Rights
    [*]GLAD Transgender Rights Project
    [*]Transgender Student Rights (California)
    [*]Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition

    Please reply to post any transgender rights or political activism links you may be aware of.
  13. Lynne Featherstone has a blog where she shares information about the UK "Transgender Action Plan" Lynne Featherstone's blog
  14. "When Vandiver Elizabeth Glenn was fired from a state job in Georgia, she filed a lawsuit saying that she had been discriminated against for being transgender... a powerful federal court ruled last week that Glenn’s firing violated the U.S. Constitution. There was also a second major piece of transgender news last week: a new study shows that a growing number of major American companies are paying for their employees’ gender reassignment surgery. Taken together, the ruling and the study are strong indications that transgender rights are starting to enter the mainstream..."

    Read the article: Transgender People: The Next Frontier in Civil Rights
  15. "A question will appear on the April 3 ballot asking whether municipal protections against discrimination based on race, sex, religion and other factors should amended to include sexual orientation or transgender identity..."

    Read the article: Anchorage municipal clerk verifies signature for initiative protecting gay, transgender rights
  16. "The first ever United Nations report on the human rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people details how around the world people are killed or endure hate-motivated violence, torture, detention, criminalization and discrimination in jobs, health care and education because of their real or perceived sexual orientation or gender identity... LGBT people are often targets of organized abuse from religious extremists, paramilitary groups, neo-Nazis, extreme nationalists and others, as well as family and community violence, with lesbians and transgender women at particular risk..."

    Read the article: UN issues first report on human rights of gay and lesbian people
  17. SALT LAKE CITY — A majority of Utahns favor legal protection statewide for gay and transgender individuals when it comes to employment and housing.

    However, results from a recently released poll also showed that most Utahns do not support marriage or adoption rights for gay or transgender couples.

    Read the article: Poll: Utahns favor fairness in housing and jobs, oppose gay marriage and adoption

    This is progress I guess... imagine the poll results ten or twenty years ago. Or, is it just that the people polled believe they're supposed to say they support gay and transgender rights for equal housing and employment opportunities. It's the politically correct thing to do after all. Pardon my cynicism please. ~ Lori
  18. Yep, Texas

    “In Houston, transgender widow Nikki Araguz has appealed a district judge’s ruling denying her death benefits from her late husband, Thomas Araguz III, a volunteer firefighter who was killed in the line of duty in 2010.
    The judge, Randy Clapp, granted summary judgment to Thomas Araguz’s family, which filed a lawsuit alleging the couple’s 2008 marriage is void because Nikki Araguz was born male, and Texas law prohibits same-sex marriage.” - John Wright

    Trans widow continued her fight
  19. 2011 Transgender Achievements – Quick Reference Guide

    FORGE FORWARD was founded in 1994 to provide peer support primarily for the FtM transgender community. Their scope has grown to include everyone in the transgender community including significant others, friends, family and allies.

    Forge Forward has compiled a list of 2011 transgender achievements (see excerpts below). You can read the entire article on the Forge Forward web site: 2011 Transgender Achievements Reference Guide

    "2011 was full of many advancements for transgender people and loved ones. The following is a list of just some of the progress achieved in 2011."

    [Download a printable copy here: 2011 Transgender Achievements – References]

    Specific advances:
    American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issues opinion directing its members to “assist or refer” transgender patients, and opposing anti-transgender discrimination.
    All new bills introduced into Congress are appropriately trans-inclusive.
    Four states and 13 localities outlaw anti-transgender discrimination.
    Chaz Bono appears on Dancing With the Stars
    U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addresses the United Nations on LGBT
    A federal appeals court rules that Title VII outlaws employment discrimination against transgender people.
    The first sitting Cabinet Secretary addresses a transgender event.
    U.S. government begins developing questions to determine how many transgender people are participating in various national surveys.
    Harmony Santana becomes first openly trans actor to get a major award nomination.
    The Human Rights Campaign reports that nearly 1/3 of the largest US corporations are covering transgender surgeries.
    NCTE and GLSEN issue model policies school districts can use to protect transgender and gender non-conforming students.
    The White House hosts meeting with advocates to discuss what the federal government can do to address anti-transgender violence.
    Social Security Administration ceases issuing gender “no match” letters to employers.
    World Professional Association for Transgender Health issues more progressive Standards of Care.
    NCTE issues fact sheet publicizing Medicare coverage for transgender care.
    Veterans Administration mandates that all VA facilities treat transgender veterans respectfully.
    United Nations passes first resolution focused solely on protecting people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity.
    U.S. Office of Personnel Management issues progressive documents on transgender employees.
    “Injustice at Every Turn: National Transgender Discrimination Study” published.
    Passports with correct name and gender made much easier to get.

  20. ACLU Appears in Court to Challenge Alaska Policy on Correcting Sex on Driver's Licenses for Transgender People

    ANCHORAGE, AK – "The American Civil Liberties Union and the law firm Perkins Coie appeared in Alaska Superior Court yesterday seeking to allow transgender individuals to correct the sex marker on their driver’s licenses. Refusing to change the sex marker on a driver’s license or requiring surgery prior to a change places an undue burden on transgender individuals and presents a gross violation of an individual’s right to privacy and equality..."

    Read the article: ACLU Appears in Court to Challenge Alaska Policy on Correcting Sex on Driver's Licenses for Transgender People
  21. ISLAMABAD — It’s never been easy being a sexual minority in Pakistan, but transgender citizens, known here as eunuchs or “hijras,” are getting a surprising amount of judicial protection and newfound civil rights...

    Read more: For transgender Pakistanis, newfound rights
  22. BOISE, Idaho — "Tears of outrage erupted from a near-capacity crowd numbering around 300 in the Capitol auditorium after Senate Republicans rejected even considering updates to Idaho's Human Rights Act to protect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people from discrimination..."

    Read the news article: Senate vote nixes discrimination protections for Idaho gays, lesbians; crowd tearful, outraged
  23. Philippines -- STRAP strongly opposes these legislative measures because they will make sex change in the birth certificate completely impossible for those who seek it. Read STRAP's position paper

    Read the article: Society of Transsexual Women of the Philippines (STRAP) opposes House Bill No. 4530 and Senate Bill 3113
  24. Rights group: More attention needed on anti-gay bills
    From a news release

    Human Rights First condemns legislative efforts introduced this week in Uganda and Russia that aim to discriminate and persecute lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) individuals. The group notes that from Kampala to Saint Petersburg, lawmakers around the world are trying to limit the rights of their own citizens who are gay.

    "While gay rights are generally advancing globally, more efforts must be made to push back against new restrictions that represent a backlash from those on the side of bigotry and intolerance," said Human Rights First's Paul LeGendre. "Our partners on the ground are telling us that the Ugandan bill was reintroduced in Parliament yesterday, and just this morning, legislators in Saint Petersburg passed a widely supported 'Anti-Propaganda' Bill targeting the LGBTI community.

    LGBTI persons face very different realities in Russia and Uganda. Homosexuality is already illegal in Uganda and new legislation pending there would introduce life sentences for a range of homosexual acts and would penalize the vague notion of "promotion of homosexuality" as well as require all known homosexuals to be reported. This would have a devastating impact on human rights activists, health care professionals, and pastoral care providers, among others. In Russia, the proposed bill is discriminatory because of its serious restrictions on freedom of expression and assembly. Despite those differences, the parliamentarians who champion and support both bills — and others like them around the world - are often driven by comparable political goals. They also voice a similar narrative, using homosexuality as a scapegoat for societal ills and economic struggles.

    "Even though Secretary Clinton announced in her landmark speech last year that LGBT rights are human rights, these pieces of legislation show that there is still a lot of work to be done to protect the LGBTI community internationally," concluded LeGendre. "The simple coincidence of these two bills resurfacing in such different places is a signal that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex persons still face widespread violence and discrimination. We applaud the Secretary's leadership and attention."

  25. Meretz MK postpones gay rights bill to seek more support
    Jerusalem Post
    By LAHAV HARKOV 02/19/2012 20:46 MK Nitzan Horowitz (Meretz) delayed a vote on his bill prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation on Sunday, so that advocacy groups for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual) community can convince ...