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  1. Just some quick thoughts I recorded moments ago about suicidal ideation. Nothing that, in my opinion, even requires a trigger warning. This is just audio. I had to stick a picture in it or the internet wouldn't accept it as video.
  2.                 Wait for me Notions depraved want for your soul,every moment passes taking its toll.Remind me, I can not remember if it was lost or something they stole; Forgive me, forget me, do not weep.As I will only sink further drowning in the deep. With but a faint whisper, be quiet, be still. I just want to sleep.  There is only silence beyond the coldA throat that which sorrow took grasp, took  hold.  Cry out! Cry out! I can not breathe; Is there nothing I can do? nothing I can say? To implore you to holdout for another day. Perhaps I am your friend or a stranger you have yet to meet.Just take my hand I will help you to your feet.Look me in the eyes and just stare,You will begin to realize I do care.Open your heart let me see, I will come, please wait for me.                             - J Anderson.      
  3. Russian woman who lost her job, her family and her home is being described as the 'first victim of gay propaganda'

    21 October 2013 | By Joe Morgan
    " She had just been given a mortgage so she could buy her own apartment, had bought a car and was ready to go travelling."

    Trans woman, 22, kills herself after being sacked by Putin’s laws

    We hear so much about the rampant homophobia, and the homophobic laws in Russia. Ironic that what may be the first person to really feel the full brunt of Putin's bullcrap... is a [trans]woman. -M
  4. 'Suicides among transgenders under-reported'
    The Hindu
    Transgender activist Priya Babu has attempted suicide three times. Author of four books dealing with the lives of transgenders, Priya said she had a number of...