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  1. First-ever conviction on federal hate crime charges arising from the killing of a transgender woman
    Jeff Amy, AP
    GULFPORT, Miss. — May 15, 2017, 6:57 PM ET
    "Demoya Gordon, attorney for the Transgender Rights Project of Lambda Legal, called the prosecution "significant" but noted it began under President Barack Obama's administration and added "the cake was already baked" on Vallum's sentencing when Donald Trump became president." --
    Man gets 49 years for anti-transgender hate crime killing
  2. By Johanna Chiefo
    "Her students have always known her as José; now she is Melisa. Thin, very tall and with dazzling finger nails, she is proud of the acceptance she got from her daughters (aged 21 and 16) and the rest of her family, who confirmed their own suspicions after seeing Melisa dressed as a woman in photos that Melisa had decided to show them."

    'Kids, Jose Is Now Melisa' - Meet Buenos Aires' First Transsexual Teacher
  3. Former My Transsexual Summer star and make-up artist Drew-Ashlyn shares more tips to being feminine and fabulous

    12 October 2012 | By Drew-Ashlyn Cunningham
    As a transgender woman you sometimes have to make that little extra effort to enhance your female image.

    Whether you are going through surgery or not there’s lots you can do to perk yourself up. Here are some tips and tricks to help – even if you’re feeling a little low about yourself.

    7 tips to being the feminine trans woman you are
  4. GLAAD calls on the Star-Ledger to use proper pronouns in reporting the murder of Eyricka Morgan

    29 September 2013 | By James Withers
    "'The reporter refused to change the story without confirmation of Eyricka's transgender identity from someone who knew her. GLAAD provided this information, but the newspaper has not corrected its coverage. Editors at the paper have not yet replied to repeated outreach by GLAAD.'"

    Newspaper under fire for not using the name of transgender crime victim

    Seems to me this is nothing more than a display of ignorance, arrogance, and perhaps a bit of bigotry on the part of the reporter. Why does she feel she needs to have Ms. Morgan's gender identity confirmed by someone who personally knew her? Does she think GLAAD jumps up and decides to name someone trans just for kicks?