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  1. One of the things that Ive had to face as a FTM is that apparently, if your not super manly or just masculine and into masculine things, that it makes you less of a transman or  an attention-seeker. Me being the not so masculine trans guy, this just sucks. Even within our own trans community there are still people who try to invalidate other trans people, just so they themselves can feel more valid. Well truth is, that whether or not you wear makeup, wear dresses, and just all round appear more feminine, it doesn't have anything to do with your gender! Express yourself in anyway that makes you guys comfortable. Not every guy has to have facial hair and not every guy needs a super low voice either. I would know I had a cis friend who's voice LITERALLY made him sound like a girl. So you do you my fluffy people. I personally have been looked down upon just because I identify as male and use makeup, like what does that have to do with my gender??? I have no clue why people do this, it's like a race to see who's more valid than the next guy? Why can't we just accept that we are all valid and different in our own special way? That's just how the world works. Im sorry if my thoughts seem a bit incoherent, I'm not a very good writer. I just wanted to write some feelings and experiences down every once in a while.
  2. Updated: 15 Jan 2013
    ""It feels great to be a man and I’d never regret having the sex change treatment,” said China’s first openly female-to-male transsexual person seven years after his operation.

    "38-year-old Geng Zi, from Ningxia, was born a woman - Geng Lanjun.

    "In March, 2005, he had a mastectomy and had his vagina, uterus and other female sexual organs surgically removed at Xiamen’s Zhongshan Hospital. He legally became a man one year later."

    'It feels great to be a man' says China's 1st openly transsexual man