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  1. Mitch Kellaway | September 10 2014 2:14 PM ET
    "When Canada's Global News confronted him on the meaning of his comments this past Friday, the uncomfortable interview below ensued. As the interview repeatedly asks Sotiropoulos for clarification, he eventually falls entirely silent, before walking out of the room." --

    Toronto School Board Member Tongue-Tied Over Transphobic Tweets

    Heaps of praise and kudos to that reporter...'cause I'm afraid I would have ended up in jail for having shoved that microphone down his throat.

    Yep, I'm getting crotchety...much to my dismay. Apparently, it does come with age afterall. Good thing we don't live to be 150...we'd all be three seconds away from killing anyone we came in contact with just because they didn't smile on the way by!