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  1. April 17, 2012, Updated April 21, 2012
    "Clay walked Runway in the ball scene, and despite her inexperience, friends say she was fast making a name for herself. In part, they say, it was her ingenuity. Clay crafted her outfits with little money, borrowing when necessary, but always creating something unique."

    Transgender woman found murdered in Chicago

    April 20, 2012
    "[Paige] Clay, who was 23, was found with a gunshot wound to her forehead early Monday morning in an alley behind the 4500 block of West Jackson Boulevard. Area North detectives are investigation the case and no suspects are in custody. Initial information obtained from police and the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office could not confirm her gender identity."

    Communities to rally for slain transgender woman
  2. 26 October 2012 | By Dan Littauer
    Madona, a 39 year-old trans was stoned to death in the Brazilian city of Aracaju

    A 39 year old trans person was stoned to death in the city of Aracaju, Brazil.

    The 39 year-old was well known and liked, known locally as ‘Madona’, died from her wounds earlier this week, after she was attacked by an unknown group of people with cobblestones.

    Brazil trans stoned to death
  3. A 42-year-old hairdresser from Limogues was discovered by firefighters after friends realized she had been missing for 24 hours

    30 July 2013 | By Joe Morgan
    "While police and local media are describing her as a transvestite or a cross-dresser, she was known by her friends and neighbors as Myléne."

    Trans woman beaten to death with a hammer in France