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  1. Turkey: Another victim in the undeclared war on transgender women ...
    By Helen G
    Melda Yuksel is murdered in Turkey, the latest victim in an undeclared war against transgenderwomen.
  2. RIGHTS Nationalist group attacks Taksim transsexual parade
    An ultra-nationalist group attempted to attack Turkey's third transsexual pride parade participants...

  3. Post on transgender rights in turkey in Transgender Crime

    By turkgayclub, posted
    we wanted to share a video.
    2 transgender women go to city centrum "antalya / turkey" and people say why you're coming here.
    and people attack them..
    they hit transgenders in front of the police.
    and turkish police don't do anything.
    one of transgender woman who was atacked just had an surgery opperation.
    it's too difficult to be lgbt in turkey.
    you may watch and write your feelings.