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  1. UK -- "A successful human rights lawyer who lived as a woman outside work was pushed under a Tube train by a preoperative transsexual whom he had befriended, a court heard... Senthooran Kanagasingham, 35, known as Nina, went on trial yesterday charged with his murder..."

    Read the article: Lawyer who died under train lived as a woman
  2. This news story shows that we need to a positive force in our community. It does matter if one of us fail all fail the eyes of the general public our upon us all.

    Trans teenager pleads guilty to £2,500 Katie Price identity theft
  3. First Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Adoption and Fostering Week
    Droitwich Advertiser
    WORCESTERSHIRE County Council's Adoption and Fostering Service is taking part in the first ever national Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Adoption and Fostering Week. The campaign, which runs from February 20-26, will be celebrated by way ...
  4. Croydon to hold its first LGBT conference
    Croydon Guardian
    Croydon is to hold its first Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT) conference next week. Crocus, the network for the LGBT community in Croydon, seeks to provide a strong voice for the community and have organised the event as part of LGBT ...
  5. "In the advert, the commentator references a Facebook post made by a fan, saying they "can't wait to see some beauties at Ladies' Day". The Irish firm claim to agree, but make things interesting by sending in some trans-gender 'ladies'. They then ask the viewers to "spot the Stallions from the Mares..."

    Read the article: Paddy Power Cheltenham Festival ad sparks controversy, earns ASA referral
  6. 5 Year Old Boy Lives As A Girl
    5-Year-Old Boy Is A Transsexual: Lives As A Girl. Zach is one of the youngest people to be dignosed with GID in the UK. (photos)
  7. Transgender con artist posed as both sexes to get loans
    The Sun
    By STAFF REPORTER A TRANSGENDER con artist made thousands of pounds by posing as both men and women to obtain loans and credit cards. Frances Harris, 71 — who was born Frederick but now lives as a woman — obtained a £15000 loan in 2003 by pretending ...
  8. I want to get my mail order/Internet purchase sent to a mailbox for me to collect.

    I'm a secret CDer and i want to keep it that way. I don't want my partner asking "what's in that parcel you had delivered today?"

    I've encountered 2 problems whilst looking into this:
    1. Renting a physical mailbox is very expensive, especially when I will be making 10 purchases at the most within a year.
    2. Most services redirect items, which defeats my objective. I want to collect.

    Any ideas?

    Bearing in mind:
    I live in uk - Buckinghamshire,
    I don't want to spend more than about £50 per year.

  9. Butt op woman linked to Hoxton student's death arrested in America
    Hackney Gazette
    Atranssexualsinger accused of injecting silicone into the bottom of a Hackney woman who later died, was arrested in the States yesterday (Thursday) in connection with another botched operation.
  10. Police apologise to transgender woman for calling her a man
    St Helens Today
    Atransgender woman who was referred to as a “he” by custody suite staff at St Helens Police Station has had a complaint against her treatment upheld. Alison Jane Stokes, of Grange Park, made a formal complaint about the conduct of two officers after...
  11. Transsexual makes 19th rape claim in 10 years
    The woman, aged in her 30s, made her latest rape claim after allegedly being attacked when she went to meet a man for sex in Sutton, Surrey...
  12. Sex-change beauty queen: Transgender teenager wins place in the Miss England
    Jackie Green, now 18, has clinched the public vote and will be the first transgender contestant to reach the semi-finals of the national pageant. Jackie, who was asked to enter the beauty contest by scouts who knew nothing about her sex swap past...
  13. Twitter users save Tottenham transsexual who tweeted 'suicide' bid
    A Tottenham transsexual who posted her “real-time suicide” bid on Twitter was saved after concerned followers across the country tracked her down and alerted emergency services...