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About this blog

I've been doing this thing we called cross dressing (CDing) for about fifty years and coming all types of types of CDs in my journey and every time I wondered if I fit into the general type or specific type of category or I am in my own category. There are those who go all the way by shaving their entire body and look down upon us who don't shave, then there are those just wear a few items and they called themselves one of us. So please tell me are we all cross dressers or some of us transvestites. So again I asked myself where do I fall into the lifestyle? 
I started to dress up with my curiosity to find out what it felt to be the opposite gender/sex for relationship purposes. Then it went to the sexual arena and then it went to becoming something more feminine, truly embracing my second self (Judy). Am I hetero or bi-sexual or pan-sexual, so where is the deep end of this lifestyle? And where is the shallow end of the CDing? 
Judy tries to be the secretary she used to work at work with the beautiful women at work with blouses and skirts and pantyhose and those high heels and then the makeup. WOW the lipstick and eye makeup.
All the stuff that those ladies have to go through in the morning.  So I have an appreciation for the ladies do every day. I still wonder about it really feels like to be a woman for in today's workplace,
they have the advantage. How about cross dressing to gain employment?  
So it comes down what is a cross dresser? What are the requirements to be one? Is there a real difference between a CD and a TV? I would like your thoughts about this topic.

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Judy's Transformaton

This is the story of my transformation and my life as a crossdresser and how I was and who I was a girl or woman.It all started with a fight with a school bully who challenge to a fight at the park near my house and I lost the fight for he was on top on me and had me to being a sissy. I didn’t know what that meant at that time so I look it up and found it what it meant. That began my quest to find out what it felt like to be the opposite sex/gender. I started with my mother’s panties and then I



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