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Found 54 results

  1. Minneapolis, MN -- "[Chrishaun "CeCe"] McDonald was verbally assaulted with racial slurs, sexual harassment, and trans-phobic and sexist attacks. She was hit in the face with a glass beer mug, and a larger scuffle ensued... One of her attackers ended up dead. McDonald was taken to jail, where she was placed in solitary confinement. She has been charged with second-degree murder; the prosecutor added another murder charge after she refused to take a plea deal to the first charge." Read the article: Transgender people among most misunderstood: Local violence reflects climate of ‘transphobia’
  2. Police Seek Men Who Sexually Assaulted Transgender Woman In Hotel NY1 Police are asking for help finding four suspects wanted in connection with the sexual assault of a transgender woman. Authorities say one of the men shown here was trying to solicit a prostitution deal with the 27-year-old victim in a Midtown hotel room...
  3. Transgender woman pleads to avoid male jail New Zealand Herald A transgender woman who struck a man over the head with a bottle of sparkling wine has pleaded with a judge not to send her to a men's prison. The accused's lawyer has asked for a reduced sentence to allow her client to serve her sentence at home...
  4. 'Western Bandit' wanted in 9 armed robberies, transgender slaying Los Angeles Times (VIDEO) Los Angeles police are searching for a violent suspect they are calling the "Western Bandit," who has been linked to nine armed robberies and the killing of a transgender victim. For more than a year, the LAPD says, the man has terrorized people and...
  5. Transgender support group mourns homicide victim CTV News A Vancouver support group for the transgender community is mourning the loss of one of their members after she was stabbed to death on Saturday. Police identified the victim of New Westminster's first homicide of the year Thursday as 26-year-old...
  6. Transgender face highest murder rate in Brazil Bikya Masr RIO DE JANEIRO: Brazil continues to witness the murder of transgender citizens in what local rights groups and lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) activists have said is “alarming.” Brazil remains the “transgender murder capital of the world...
  7. Transgendered Woman Found Stabbed To Death On West Side CBS2 Chicago CHICAGO (CBS) – For the second time in four months, a transgendered woman has been killed on the West Side. CBS 2′s Brad Edwards reports the 19-year-old victim was found dead Tuesday night in an abandoned building...
  8. Judge drops attempted rape case due to transsexual victim A Swedish court apparently doesn't think that a biologically male individual can be raped. Case in point: A 61-year-old Swedish man was cleared of attempted...
  9. Bias crime alleged in Portland belt buckle assault OregonLive.com - ‎Jun 28, 2012‎ The 9-1-1 call came in Tuesday night: a man told Portland police that two people had attacked him with pepper spray. But after officers responded to the scene, the caller, 50-year-old Reginald Ferdinand McGhee, was the one who ended up under arrest...
  10. Transgender Woman Found Stabbed To Death In South Beach Apartment Huffington Post A deceased transgender woman was found stabbed multiple times in her South Beach apartment on Thursday on the 500 block of Michigan Avenue, according an incident report by Miami Beach Police. Javier Menendez Cuesta Daniel, 36, a close friend of the...
  11. Transgender motel maid busted for groping teen boy New York Daily News Transgender Florida motel maid Vanessa Olmos is behind bars after he allegedly molested a 14-year-old boy at a Florida Days Inn, authorities said Thursday... I didn't really want to post this article but this is the story that just won't go away. The media is blasting it out with sensationalized headlines and all the mixed up gender pronouns you'd ever care for. It's very sad that we will all be judged by some for the (alleged) actions of one. ~ Lori
  12. Record number LGBT murders reported in 2011 Wisconsin Gazette The report found that overall hate violence continued to disproportionately impact transgender people, people of color, and transgender people of color. Data from 2011 also showed that people under the age of 30 were more likely to experience hate...
  13. Rights panel condemns murder of transsexual in Mexico Fox News The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights condemned Monday the recent murder in Mexico of a 16-year-old transsexual...
  14. Transgender pageant winner murdered in South Africa msnbc.com A South African who had won a Miss Gay pageant was found in his rented room with his throat slit, news24 reported...
  15. Police arrest professor who moonlighted as transsexual prostitute DigitalJournal.com A distinguished University of Georgia (UGA) professor was arrested and charged with prostitution after he allegedly offered "services" to an undercover officer while he dressed as a woman... I was hesitant to even publish this story but it is all over the Internet. The news media is giving it wide exposure, sensationalizing the transgender angle of the story. ~ Lori
  16. Transsexual Woman Ticketed for Using Ladies Room NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth (blog) A Dallas transsexual woman was issued a ticket for using the women's restroom at Parkland Hospital. Parkland police cited Paula Witherspoon, whose legal name is Paul Witherspoon, for disorderly conduct on April 25. "It was definitely humiliating...
  17. Transsexual makes 19th rape claim in 10 years The woman, aged in her 30s, made her latest rape claim after allegedly being attacked when she went to meet a man for sex in Sutton, Surrey...
  18. Teen Charged With Beating Transgender Male WREG (Memphis) Chase Mason Kelley, 18 years old, is facing charges of aggravated assault after Memphis Police report he beat up a man because he is transgendered. According to the police report, the 20-year-old victim arrived at Methodist...
  19. Orleans Parish jail inmate reports repeated sexual assaults NOLA.com By Laura Maggi, The Times-Picayune A transsexual inmate at the Orleans Parish jail was raped repeatedly by different attackers in two different locations within the facility, according to a letter sent to Sheriff Marlin Gusman Tuesday by the inmate's... Let's see... an inmate who identifies as female and is housed with men in a jail facility with male offenders. Initially she is gang raped but still, somehow she is left in the same facility and another rape is reported. Who couldn't have seen that coming? And now, the victim is HIV positive, after testing negative at the initial time of incarceration. This is so disheartening. ~ Lori
  20. Transgender attacks on the rise in Mission District KGO-TV SAN FRANCISCO (VIDEO) -- There's been a disturbing increase in the number of attacks on transgender people in San Francisco, especially in the Mission District. "We are developing a trend here that we have not seen before," San Francisco District...
  21. Sheriff's vice squad busts prostitution ring on Cragislist North Jefferson News Chief Deputy Randy Christian said that three women and one transsexual were arrested after deputies saw their ads on Craigslist and another site called backpage.com. The deputies arranged to meet with the advertisers, who then arrested them when they...
  22. Transsexual Woman Among SF Crime Victims Honored By Joe Rogers Mia Tu Mutch was just one of several crime victims, and witnesses to violent crimes, honored by District Attorney George Gascon on Wednesday for heroic acts that helped solve some of San Francisco's highest profile cases..
  23. Two Gay Men And A Transgender Woman Hospitalized After Anti-LGBT Attacks Huffington Post As the Washington Blade is reporting, one gay man was shot in an International House Of Pancakes (IHOP) franchise in Columbia Heights on March 11, while another gay man and a transgender woman were badly beaten on the street the following day in... More hate crimes in the US capital... ~ Lori
  24. Transgender Man Assaulted in Icelandic Nightclub IcelandReview The victim's friend, who is also transgender, said prejudice is rife in Icelandic society and that people in their position are frightened...
  25. Riviera Beach police investigate whether recent crimes are targeting transsexual prostitutes Palm Beach Post (Video) By Julius Whigham II and Alexandra Seltzer RIVIERA BEACH — Police are investigating whether Saturday morning's homicide might be part of a larger plot of crimes targeting transsexual prostitutes. Police this morning released the names of two men who... You know, just reading this story ticked me off. The reporters obviously don't understand the meaning of the words transvestites or transsexual, and their use of gender pronouns is ignorant a best. The story further marginalizes transgender people and disrespects the victims. It is disgusting. Is it any wonder in a society such as this that some transgender people feel they must resort to prostitution or other undesirable activities to earn a living? ~ Lori
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