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Yesterday I went to My First Trans Event. It was "The Big Weekend Out." It was the Annual Daytime Event, at The Pink Punters Nightclub, at Fenny Stratford, in Buckinghamshire, UK.  As soon as I walked through the doors, I felt at ease. There were a wide variety of stalls, with everything from Jewellery, to Shoes, to Wigs, and More. The Stall-holders were lovely.  The Staff were lovely as well, and it was a very nice and relaxing atmosphere. The chance to be with so many like-minded People, was wonderful. All the Folks I met were so nice, and looked very pretty in their lovely clothing.  Being Fully; Full-Time; Female-Dressed, Myself, I felt right at Home, and being somewhere, where I Am openly accepted, just made for a great day.  I wore my Favourite Dress, which is Purple with Flowers on, and it is really comfortable, especially going to and from Milton Keynes by Bus. Then travelling on to Fenny Stratford.  I  Definitely Will go on a Friday Night, sometime, and I will say to anybody, who wants a safe, kind, caring, and relaxing environment to be in, well as a Transsexual  Myself, I will recommend The Pink Punters Nightclub, at Fenny Stratford.     Thank You So Much, to Everyone at Pink Punters, for their Wonderful Welcome, and Thank You for a Wonderful Day.

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Wear Something Purple, for The Transgender Day Of Remembrance. ( TDOR )

Today, Friday, 20th. November, 2015, is the Annual; International; Transgender Day Of Remembrance - ( TDOR ) .  Let's Wear Something Purple, in Support Of The Rainbow Flag.  If We Can't make it to A Comemorative Event, then We Can still show Our Support, for those Less Fortunate, than Ourselves, Who have lost Their Lives, at the Hands of Other's, or Have Taken Their Own Lives. Here in the UK, We should remember the Transgender Lady, Who had been put into an All-Male Prison, at Leeds, in West Yorkshire. Sadly, She took Her Own Life, in the Last Few Day's !  I WILL Wear Something Purple Today, as I Am a 53 Year-Old; Transitioning Male-to-Female Transsexual, Myself. Please, join Me, and Other's around the World, in showing Our Support Today, this Transgender Day Of Remembrance - ( TDOR ) . Thank You Very Much. Regards, Stephanie.