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    Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, England, United Kingdom.
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    I Love spending time with Our Family Cat. Other Interests, include Lingerie, clothes, being feminine, shopping, wearing perfume; music of all kinds; coffee ( I Live on it sometimes ! ) I Love Socialising, and I Am A Very Sociable Girl.

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  1. Hello Michael. How are You ? Okay Honey, I Hope ! Michael, We are as Valid as ANY Other Member's of Society. Why Trump wants Our Very Existence denied, I do Not Know ! However, We Won't Be Erased. Trump is nothing but a Horrible Dictator. Michael, Take Care Honey, And My Very Best Wishes, Stephanie. ( Steph 53.) xx
  2. Hiya Michele, and Emma, and Monica. Michele and I do converse elsewhere, as well as on here, and We can talk quite openly. Michele, You have already blossomed into the most Beautiful Butterfly ! If People do Not see You, for the Beautiful Young Lady, that You already are, then they must be blind ! You are a Terrific Young Lady, and someone Who I Am Very Proud, to call My Friend !! Emma, You are also doing Fabulously. I too have got to get Laser or Electrolysis, done on My Face ! ( I was about to sort it out, when I had A Cancer Scare, and I was having Scan's, and other Medical Appointment's ! Fortunately, I have been given " The All Clear " !! What a Relief, that was !! ). Monica, Everyone is a Different Shape and Size, to each other ! The Motto of My Comment is, That We ARE All Different, but, there are so many similarities between US as well ! All 4 of Us, have known Each Other on here, for quite some time now, indeed I have been on TGGuide since Mid--July, 2015, and this is A Wonderful Community, and the 3 of You, are so Lovely to Know ! Enjoy the Rest of Your Day Girl's, Take Care Girl's because I Care, And My Very Best Wishes, And Lots of Love Girl's, Stephanie. ( Steph53 ).
  3. Steph53

    My Transition

    Hiya Monica. There Is A Very Old, but, True saying:- " You Can Choose Your Friend's, but Sadly, You Cannot Choose Your Family !! Your Friend's However, ARE The Family, Who You Can Choose For Yourself !! " I have A Very Large Extended Blood Family. However, I see My Oldest Son, and My Youngest Son, together, for 2 hour's, just once a month ! I have seen My Middle Son, just 3 times, in a few day’s short of a. Year and a half ! My Now estranged Wife, is Unfortunately, the only other Person I see ! However, I have made a lot of Friend's, since I started My Transition ! They are more of A Family, than My Blood Family, has Ever Been ! Monica, it is so Very Sad, when A Family force somebody to live a lie. This was partly why I did Not start My Transition, until aged 53. However, I do Not look back. Apart from A Recent Cancer, I Am Much Happier and More Contented, than I have ever been before ! Monica, I hope that You also manage to find someone, Sweetheart. Monica, and Emma, and Elsa, Be Happy All of You !! Ladies, Take Care, because I Care, Big Hugs, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. ( Steph53 ). xxxx
  4. Steph53

    My Transition

    Hiya Elsa. I don't Know if You are in the U.K. or U.S.A. !! I Am Stephanie, A 56 Year Old Trans'Female, and I AM in the U.K. I Am now over 3 Year's into My Transition, and I told My Now Estranged Wife, on the Evening of 30th. April, 2015; ( was aged 53 ), and I went the following Morning, ( 1st. May, 2015 ); and Bought loads of Underwear, and Clothes, and Nightwear, and I went Home, and I got changed into My New Clothes, then I went up to London, to Long Tall Sally, to buy Shoes. I went and told My Doctor's ( 67 Day's into My Transition, ) and they contacted The Gender Identity Clinic up in London, that Very Day, ( 25th. June, 2015). I have already had 3 appointment's at The G.I.C. Elsa, You Should try and find an L.G.B.T. Organisation, or Group, near where You live ! It is something that I Have done, and I Now have a Fairly Good support Network around Me ! You DO need a Support Network ! If You would like to contact Me at all, Please feel free to do so ! If You look at My Profile, it will tell You More ! If I can be of any Help. Or Advice, I will be. Elsa, Good Luck Young Lady. I hope that Everything goes Really Well for You ! Take Care Honey, And My Very Best Wishes, Stephanie. (Steph53 ). xx
  5. Hiya Michele. You Look So Much Better Now Sweetheart. You Really have turned into such A Very Pretty; Beautiful; and Gorgeous; Young Lady. Please Honey, do Not let Anyone, tell You Any Different. Michele, I Am glad that We are getting and expanding Our Friendship, especially via Messenger Honey. You ARE A Really Terrific Girl. Take Care Honey, And My Very Best Wishes, And Lots of Love, Stephanie. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. Hiya Michele. I agree with Monica. Your Beauty, and Your Warmth of Character, radiate from the Inside Out ! You at 38, ARE still Young ! You Only have one chance of Life. Take that chance, and enjoy it Young Lady ! I will explain on Messenger, the Reason's behind My Full Name ! Sweetheart, the way that You spell Your Name's, are Special, and Unique, and Individual to You. Enjoy Your Individuality, because You ARE A Lovely Girl !! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. Hiya Michele. All that I CAN say about Your Photograph, IS Wow ! Wow! Wow ! You look Absolutely Stunning Sweetheart ! Also, what a Pretty Dress Babes ! You Definitely do NOT look BAD. You look Wonderful Young Lady. If You go onto My Facebook Page, of Stephanie Maycock, You will find a good number of Photograph's of Me. The one's with My Hair nice and long, are the Most Recent. Most of them, have been Taken at Pink Punters ( Lesbian; Gay; Bi--Sexual; Transgender;) Nightclub !! They were taken by the Official club Photographer's !! Michele, You ARE a Gorgeous Girl. Now stop selling Yourself short !! Keep Smiling, because You have got a Very Sweet Smile !! Take Care Honey, Love and Very Best Wishes Babes, Stephanie. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  8. Steph53

    My inner battle, Elsa v William

    Hiya Ladies. Long before I started on My MtoF Transition journey, I had shaken hand's with " The Black Dog " !! I made 3 Serious Suicide Attempt's, namely Tuesday, 16th. August, 1988; Early November, 1992; and Early February, 1996; and I Really AM Very Lucky, to still be alive !! The Decision to Actually start Transitioning, for Me Personally, was Definitely the Correct one. I Am just over 3 Year's into My Transition, and about 6 1/2 Month's on Hormones. I Am a lot Happier, and a lot Calmer. My Emotion's have changed Massively, and the Hormones are Definitely having a major effect Physically as well !! I could Never, Ever, De--Transition, and why would I want to ? I Am under the Gender Identity Clinic in London, which is Known as the Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic, or CHX--GIC, as it gets shortened to ! I hope to have My Gender Reassignment Surgery, carried out in Summer/Autumn, 2019. If any of You would like to talk with Me, then Please feel free to do so, but, I will only give details or advice, based on My Own Personal Experiences. As I said to Michele earlier on, I Officially; Legally; changed My Name, by U.K. Deed Poll, in a One--Hour; Express--Service; on My 55th. Birthday, which was My Birthday Present to Myself. I hope that this insight, might be of help to some of You. Take Care Ladies, And My Very Best Wishes to You All, Stephanie. ( Steph53. ).
  9. Hiya Michele. You look Younger than 37 Babes. Your hair is Really Lovely Sweetheart. I Am 56, so I Am getting Old !! L.O.L. !! Michele, age is just a number, and You are Young; Pretty; and Beautiful; and You have still got the rest of Your Life, ahead of You ! Enjoy Your Life, Young Lady, because We only get one go at Life, and You are Young enough to enjoy it !! Enjoy the rest of Your Day, and Take Care. With Love and Very Best Wishes, Stephanie. ( Steph53.).
  10. The Lovely Danica Roem, She has shown, that She has Now got More support, than a 13-term incumbent "Chief Homophobe ". Danica, as a lot of Us Know, has the support of My Friend Chrissie Browde, and I Know that Danica WILL Do an Excellent Job. I wish Danica Every Good Wish, Very Good Luck, and Lots of Love too ! With All Sincerity, Stephanie Maycock.
  11. Steph53

    Great weekend

    Hiya Karen. Good on You Honey. Firstly out Driving, and then being hit on by 2 Guy's Twice. Karen, You cannot blame Them Babes, because You are A Gorgeous Young Lady. Karen, It Is Always Great to hear from You Sweetheart. Keep Smiling, Take Care Honey, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. Hiya Emma. I Am Here, My Darling, To Wish You Bon Voyage. It Is a Long Time, since I was on here, but, that Will Not be the case any more. Emma, I Am So Sorry, to hear about Your Divorce Honey. Emma, Your Marriage, is Not the Only One, whose Marriage has died. I Am Now Officially Separated. Also, I have been Fully; Full-Time; MtoF; Transitioning; for just 12 Day's Short of 2 Year's Now. I have Officially; Legally; Changed My Name, to Stephanie, in the Last 4 Month's. Emma, I Know, that You ARE travelling, all round the Country, with Winnie Minnie. Enjoy the Journey's. Emma Take Care Honey, And My Very Best Wishes, Big Hugs, With Lots Of Love, Stephanie. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  13. Hiya Michele. How Are You Darling Girl ? Okay Honey, I Hope ! Michele, Congratulations, on Your Orchiectomy Darling. I hope that You are healing up Okay, Sweetheart. Michele, I Am Very Proud of You Young Lady. I have told You before, and I Will tell You Again, that You ARE a Very Pretty; Beautiful; Gorgeous; Young Lady ! Michele, I Really hope that Life is Good for You Babes. Look After Yourself Sweetheart, and I hope to hear from You soon Love. Take Care Honey, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  14. Hiya Blair Jamie. Sweetheart, I AM Not going to Judge You, in Any Way, or Shape, or Form Young Lady. I Congratulate You, for the fact that You are looking to go into Detox. Babes, I AM So glad, that You and Your Sister's, have Come-Back together, as a Close-Unit. I Hope that Your Transitioning is going Okay now Honey. Blair Jamie, I Am unable to run at All, due to Osteo-Arthritis, but, I do try to Walk, as much as My Body will allow Me to. Good on You for doing Your Run's though. Please Keep In Touch Honey, and if You would like to talk Privately Honey, Please feel free to P.M. Me. Blair Jamie, Good Luck , Take Care Young Lady, With Very Best Wishes, Stephanie. xx
  15. Hiya Lori. I Have just got a New Motorola Moto G 4 Phone. Is there a TGGuide App, that We can Download now please ? Thank You Very Much Honey. Take Care, Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xxxxxxxx
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