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  1. "In the mountainous rainforest of Honduras, a survivalist with an unusual past is paired with a hard-headed police detective to try and survive 21 days, but predatory jaguars, swarms of fire ants and a debilitating injury threaten their challenge." I'm not sure where this synopsis came from, but it was the one on zap2it.com. I used to watch N&A regularly when the series first started, but over time my interest drifted in other directions. I decided to watch this episode in hopes that one contestant being trans didn't undermine the intent of the challenge, and that it didn't take on an undertone of sensationalism. Quince's partner seemed to be taken aback upon finding out he was trans, but she quickly recovered. After the initial meeting, it seemed his trans status did not affect her or even matter as they started out on the beginning of their challenge. And in fact Teresa took the lead early on, deciding where to set up camp and going after a snake for their first possible meal, this despite the fact she apparently had no wilderness/survival experience, and Quince did. Roles reversed though when the wild took Teresa down for a while with a gastro-intestinal issue. Then, the hard-core, self-proclaimed "bad-ass cop" was eventually reduced to tears because she wasn't coping well with the cold and rain that moved in at nite. To this point, the episode seemed to be like any other, including narration. For those who missed the episode and want to catch it in re-run, I'll stop here so as not to ruin how their challenge progressed beyong the first few days.
  2. Yet another western country that is leaps and bounds ahead of the U.S. when it comes to TGLB recognition and rights. I wish Francis a good life with his kids in Spain.
  3. Personally, I fail to understand how ANYone can put any faith or stock into the Catholic church's condemnation of transgenderism when molestation and sexual abuse at the hands of priests runs rampant in that denomination, or how the Catholic church has the gall to condemn that which is proven by science but turns a blind eye to their perverted pastors.
  4. More senseless loss. Only good of this (IF anything called 'good' can come of such a crime) is that after initially indicating the woman was transgender, the article continued referring to her only as a woman.
  5. The link is good... the audio quality is not. Try the video HERE. The audio is not much better, but the closed caption feature is available.
  6. I wonder how this would affect couples, no matter the make up of the couple, who adopt children from foreign countries...
  7. Even if there was a private service/viewing for the unaccepting people, the disrespect still exists, and the deceased is coldly robbed of the last shred of decency and respect. It's sorta like the unaccepting people have the final word which cannot be challenged or appealed because...well, the person is deceased. And chances are, if the unaccepting people have the authority to have that first service to begin with, that would be the only service, and so the person would go to the grave as the unaccepting people demand. I think as you and others have indicated, prior plans must be made and left in the hands of someone trusted who can ensure those plans are carried out.
  8. Truly understandable, Jess. Sometimes it's hard to avoid some discussion about Trump when he keeps doing things to hurt us, or the TGLB community as a whole. That said, the amount of discussion on that individual is but a drop in the bucket compared to all the other discussions here. The topic was brought here as it could potentially affect trans people ... couples where one or both are transgender and perhaps want to use a surrogate for a child. Since the article was not directly related to all things trans is why it was placed in the Not Necessarily the [Trans] News forum. I hope you will consider just avoiding this forum rather than leave the board all together. There are so many other areas of the TG Guide board that do address, for the most part, all things trans. -Mike
  9. You got that right, Monica! I've been comparing Drumpf and his action to those of Hitler's since he was on the campaign trail, before he was even nominated for the GOP candidate.
  10. I wouldn't hold my breath or put any stock in that claim. Today's republi-rats (as Ellen calls them) flip-flop like fish thrown up on a bank. They nominated him in 2016 DESPITE the fact that nearly all of them considered him no more than a buffoon with money to burn, and the chance a snowball had in hell of becoming prez. Even Lindsey Graham boasted in a angry townhall that he didn't vote for Drumpf, yet now they are BFFs. I don't believe he'd try to act on that. There are way too many people who came here the same way your great-great-grands did. To go that deep in applying his racists deportation attempts would begin to affect even his so-called "base." He wouldn't take that chance. If he does, then he is MUCH stupider than we imagined. -Mike
  11. Hmmm... wonder why the new artistic impression had to be done in such a way to make Julie Doe look more like a man than a woman? Even her hairstyle was drawn to look more like that of a male rocker than a hairstyle that a woman would have. Seems that detective could have at least done the impression in colour, giving a look of make-up (instead of a 5 o'clock shadow!), given her some longer lashes... giving her a softer look. Drag queens look more woman than that cop made Julie Doe look. That Fusco character seems to have just produced a man with long hair. Or maybe I'm just being over-sensative...
  12. "“If we did [in-vitro fertilization] and were hetero, we could have a different egg and sperm that were not genetically related to us, but due to… the ‘assumption of parentage’ which exists for married couples, they would not question the birth,” said the former officer, who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of her wife’s position in the military." -- thedailybeast.com Okay.. after re-reading that article, it seems that this "law" could potentially, or will, affect the TGLB community more often (perhaps even exponentially) due to continued bias, bigotry and prejudice. But yeah, in word, this law should affect ANY couple - gay or straight - who use foreign surrogates. But the gay couples in the article have demonstrated what appears to be a very real possibility that far fewer straight couples will suffer being under the microscope that will throw their children into citizenship limbo. And of course... those in a position to grant or deny have their green light to deny from their Chief Hater. If one went by just the headline of that article alone, it seems quite obvious that Drumpf IS targeting TGLB couples specifically.
  13. You have a point, and I hadn't considered that. But because you've pointed that out... I wonder now is 45 and his Beady-eyed Sidekick trying to dismiss marriage equality?? Did they let a cat out of the bag, so-to-speak, pre-maturely? Are they about to try to reverse marriage equality too? Makes ya wonder since the Fuzzy Orange apparently aimed this at the TGLB community specifically. I need to go back and read that article again....
  14. "Children of U.S. citizens are falling victim to a policy that de-recognizes their parents’ marriage—and strips them of their birthright citizenship." Scott Bixby | 05.15.19 5:12 AM ET "The Kivitis are each biologically related to their children. Under the policy, however, children born via gestational surrogacy and other forms of assisted reproductive technology (ART) are considered to be born “out of wedlock,” in the State Department’s words—even if their parents, like Roee and Adiel, are legally married." - thedailybeast.com Trump Administration to LGBT Couples: Your ‘Out of Wedlock’ Kids Aren’t Citizens _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ While this latest despicable move by the current administration has hit the gay community very hard... it could potentially affect the trans community also. -Mike
  15. And hope that those so prone don't find a way to fight and over-turn those last wishes. It's sad this man lost his child... it's sadder that he couldn't day good-bye to his daughter.
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