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    Am a cisgender Lesbian with an open mind. Have many TG friends in Florida, New York, and all over the world. Exploring art. Enjoy coffee houses with live music. Visit museums and art galleries. Am on disability, using a cane. Sedate but have an active mind.

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  1. Dear Carly, Assume you have been enjoying TGGuide for a while, so you know our members are great people. Glad to see our FB presence will be tightly moderated, like the rest of TGGuide! Thanks to you, I am considering joining FB! Yours truly, Monica
  2. Dear Friends, Alex presents as a male (and passes very well, too). When I enter a women's restroom (I am a cisgender mid-butch Lesbian that presents as female), I knock on the outside door before entering, then I knock on the individual stall that I am about to enter. Unfortunately, many people do not know proper restroom etiquette, because the person inside the stall often says nothing, instead of, "I'll be right out," "occupied," or "I'm sorry, but I'm in here." Have myself been guilty looking under and through the crack, (briefly), when they have said nothing, before trying the door, which may or may not be locked (if the lock is working . . . ) Your friend, Monica
  3. Dear DeeDee, One more thing, I like the cut of the wig, and I think a blond wig will flatter you better. Just my opinion . . . Yours truly, Monica
  4. Dear DeeDee, Even though you have your eyes covered, I can still see you are a beautiful woman! Also, I love your fingernails!! Yours truly, Monica
  5. Dear Lori and Friends, Jennifer, like many Republicans, distances herself from the president. She emphasizes her state issues and stays on topic. Know of many politicians who could learn from her! By the way, she passes beautifully!! Yours truly, Monica
  6. Dear Jessica, What breaks my heart is that the children suffer the most. Sadly, presently the adoption rules are changing constantly, not only in the U.S., but also other countries, such as Russia. An adoption lawyer, particularly one with international experience, should be involved from the beginning. My question for the two fathers: why use a surrogate, especially overseas, when there are so many children already here, both in the U.S. and overseas, that need loving parents? Your friend, Monica
  7. Dear DeeDee, See, you are one of the girls! In Sisterhood, Monica
  8. Take lots of pictures! Especially wanna see that wig in the trans colors!! LOL!!!
  9. Dear Friends, EVERYONE, please click on Lori's link and then read all the articles beneath it, they are equally good! Your friend, Monica
  10. Dear Mike and Lori, Because I work off a Kindle Fire, I may not have the memory to properly stream the video. Thanks, Mike, because this time I got it perfectly. Lori, thank you for keeping such incidents at the forefront of our minds. We desperately need to address these issues! Yours truly, Monica
  11. Could not get sound, or even closed captioning. Lori, could you try the link again? Thank you.
  12. Have wonderful prom memories! Wasn't a prom queen (nor did I want to be), but I went to the prom three out of my four high school years. Two of those prom dates were with Gaymales (but I was so naive, I didn't know it), but they were the best of friends!
  13. MonicaPz

    Teanaway Ridge Hike

    Dear Emma, There will always be a certain number of Lesbians that will not accept you as a woman. They, hopefully, will be in the minority (large minority?), or even the majority (small majority?) The question is, do you need to be accepted and friends with EVERYONE? In my case, some people, Lesbians included, do not accept me for being a woman of size, poor, disabled, and average-looking. As I see it, that's THEIR LOSS, not mine! You have to accept, like me, that you will win no popularity contests, but should REJOICE that you have a SMALL CIRCLE OF QUALITY FRIENDS. Take my word for it, most "popular" women (and men for that matter!) are NO MORE HAPPIER in the long run than the average Jane or Joe. Saw this for myself over and over, and now studies prove it! Accept their friendship for what it is, and always keep searching to ADD to your circle of friends. Perhaps they will rethink their attitudes when they see your new friends accept you for the woman you are. Your friend, Monica
  14. Dear Friends, Know this is not a popular opinion, but a transphobic family could have a PRIVATE service/viewing for the family, and THEN have a separate service/viewing for trans-accepting others. Of course, I doubt transphobic people would be so thoughtful. Have a will, but I fear my T/LGB hating family would bury my mid-butch body in a dress and full makeup. Resolved this by donating my body for organ donation and/or to Science, and requesting no service/memorial. Know where I am going in the Spiritual Realm. Your friend, Monica
  15. Dear Jessica and Christy, Although we disagree about politics, I hope we can still be friends. This will be the LAST time I discuss politics here or elsewhere. The focus of TGGuide should be strictly on transgender issues. As a moderator, I should not be expressing personal opinions on sensitive topics such as politics. My job is to create an environment of inclusion, not exclusion. My feelings about immigration belong on another board, and from here on out, they will remain. No one wins on these kinds of discussions. Please accept my apology . . . Yours truly, Monica
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