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  1. Source https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/transgender-asylum-seeker-dies-after-six-weeks-ice-custody-n1012956
  2. Armenian trans woman gets threats after parliament speech Source http://flip.it/T5qynJ Visit on Youtube "Shazy Jeo" videos for transgender related content from 2012-2018 on the channel
  3. Guys & gals I am seriously considering breast implants surgery but after the cost of op around $10k it's going to be breast prosthetics for now. Between the wearing gear, I slip on my bra which has cup or cloth inside lining for left & right ( so difficult to explain but it holds the breast prosthetic inside bra) turns into a wearables one piece. FYI is such knowledge of information on topic 😃 Watch on YouTube "Shazy Jeo" channel videos especially the videos from 2013 onwards of transgender related 😃😀
  4. Gigi Gorgeous Book launch at Indigo at Toronto (homecoming from L.A. to Toronto) Hello everyone, I went to the book launch event where Gigi was being interviewed by ET Canada front of live audiences. I have uploaded full recording of how she talks about transitioning, family members, coming out, her YouTube channel, writing the book & most of all the importance of soul within transgenders, I was inspired by her down to Earth approach on her fame to rise as a m to f transitioning women. Source https://youtu.be/fZ0B9tj8Yfw
  5. Portion of Koreans opposed to homosexuality dips below 50% for the first time Source http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20190217000110 Watch on YouTube Shazy Jeo videos channel and check videos from 2012--2016
  6. Not only igniting fire unnecessarily but it turn off my plans to go to Brazil visit a friend.
  7. Just so everyone knows what is reality occurrence of trans women men in international world. A man kills another transgender women & rips her chest open to take out heart, but now he is confessed to his crime to police. But does it make hearing the news any safer? A Brazilian man has been arrested for the horrific murder of a transgender woman. He has confessed. Caio Santos de Oliveira allegedly was intimate with Quelly da Silva, a transgender woman, and the next day ripped her chest open and pulled out her heart. He also stole her phone. The deranged killed then wrapped her heart in cloth and took it back to his home. He covered the wound on her body with an image of a Catholic saint. He confessed to the crime after being questioned about his suspicious behavior and various visible wounds. He told authorities that da Silva was a demon and led them to the 35-year-old woman’s body. Police were also able to recover the victim’s heart. Related: Brazilian president launches attack on LGBTQ people hours after inauguration The man remains in jail to face charges of robbery and homicide. “The cruelty, the fact that the perpetrator referred to the victim as a ‘demon,’ the religious references — there is a whole level of symbolism that brings us face to face with the reality of transphobia in Brazil,” Clara Masiero, a doctor of law and member of the Brazilian Institute of Criminal Sciences, told the Huffington Post. The South American nation recently elected their own version of President Donald Trump. Newly installed far-right President Jair Bolsonaro was heavily supported by evangelicals and the religious right. He is notoriously anti-LGBTQ. Source https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2019/01/deranged-killer-sex-trans-woman-kills-rips-heart-trophy/
  8. Michael you killed it as they say on podium front of audiences ! Well on the subject of Transgender & rights it is what it kinda scenario these days. The straights gender folks are curbing us trans folks every corner of country. Well I happen to know 3 immediate countries Pakistan, Egypt & now U.S., the first two understandable but the U.S. c'mon ..I am just glad I am in wonderful country called Canada where trans community in majority is looked upon not literally but there is sense of soft corner 😂 Anyone who wants to come to Canada be act whichever gender you like, just saying legal paper work post op.
  9. KAREN PENCE HAS JUST TAKEN A JOB AT A SCHOOL THAT BANS LGBT PUPILS This news comes as shock as we transgender community folks are breathing less than before. We should cherish every last breath of the freedom Available at the moment, which can choose to change at any given moment. Source https://www.newsweek.com/karen-pence-has-just-taken-job-school-bans-lgbt-pupils-1293513 Visit on YouTube "Shazy Jeo" channel videos
  10. As the story turns out it's very sad for our members to lose a life. Where many transgender folks are living in North America a dream world but this is sad demise of fellow transgender women ! No fact whether she was 2nd time to 3rd offence or she was victim of HIV the question to ask yourself What if you broke the law and ended up on wrong side of law?
  11. Well there is nothing spectacular to say about this horrific story recently. Only fact needs to be addressed as gesture of symbolism to honour her death for something every transgender person living in North America takes it for granted. May her soul RIP! Source https://amp.theguardian.com/us-news/2018/may/31/roxana-hernandez-transgender-honduran-woman-dies-us-ice-box Watch my YouTube Shazy Jeo videos channel for variety of topics
  12. Hi Michael it's been long while. Hope all is well with you. I wanted to actually give the YouTube link but I guess aliimran1 has made a influence or made a impression. Well now you know where I got my news from. It is a great gesture things are moving forward in this part of world. I still don't have my licence in Canada but I will attain it. All we can do is hope for the best and most likely worst case will not occur in mainland. Somewhere I heard Trump might be just might be running for second term. Well I hope it doesn't happen.
  13. Hello Michael how are you? Yeah we are here to stay and with more countries adapting to transgender rights, I don't think it's step by US administration in right direction.
  14. Transgender driving license issued in Pakistan With no a lot of concerns in mainland United states, the development in this part of country comes as great positive step for transgender rights. But hopefully one day Americans can visit this beautiful country as straight or transgender as tourists visit Thailand. To boldly go where no American has gone before! Source https://youtu.be/Upbf-fmkBkU Visit my YouTube channel Shazy Jeo videos and explore variety of topics content uploaded
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