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  1. My crossdressing pretty much ended any intimacy my wife and I had. She too thought that it could be gotten rid of through therapy and also confused it with being gay. She became petty closed-minded and then had too much invested in her way of thinking to change. As I have read, "conversion therapy" is very psychologically damaging. Even with all the difficulties, I am happy to be who I am and finally being able to be true to myself as you al are.
  2. Let me just add, anunitu, that you bring another dimension to this blog. You are certainly more prolific than many of us-- I speak for myself. Maybe that springs from isolation, Emily Dickinson comes to mind. BTW, in case I missed it, what part of the world do you live in?
  3. wow! you write beautifully. I also have had periods of my life where my dreams at night were the best part of my day--the most interesting anyway. At 76, I am feeling more at peace, or maybe I just have a "whatever" attitude. So far, I am in reasonably good health which helps. I am on the verge of exploring some new avenues in my life. More on that later. In the meanwhile, I will try to visit this site more often and post my thoughts as you are. All the best.
  4. Wow! Jess. You are making great strides. It all sounds so exciting, and it also sounds like you are in a good place with good providers. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.
  5. MichelleLea

    Painting my toes?!

    All good comments. It does take some practice to do it yourself for sure. I think it's worth it. I love my painted toenails.
  6. Christy, I think you are right on. "Being me" is the lifelong goal. As Renee Reyes put it, someone will always be prettier, faster, richer, smarter, or whatever. We only need to be our best selves. And, as you said, we can use envy to our advantage to emulate the qualities that we admire. As for me, I don't "present." I wear the clothes I feel comfortable in and often they are quite feminine. I like the look and feel. So there!
  7. Good point, Monica. Although I am all woman, my body is what it is. I don't need to say anymore.
  8. A while back, I ordered a pair of ladies' palazzo pants from Amazon, and, as you may know, they ask for a review. I sent them a favorable one since I like the pants. They look, fit, and feel great. Then a few days ago, a lady Amazon customer writes to ask me if the inseam would work for her "curvy 5"10" figure." So, I dutifully measured the inseam and sent her the measurements along with the comment that I thought the pants would work fine for her. I did have to add that they work for my 6' non-curvy male body. Now she has written back to tell me that my comments were helpful. I am finding this whole episode somewhat amusing. Now,I wonder if I'll be asked to give any more advice. LOL
  9. MichelleLea

    Plan B

    Hi Jess, As a former Minnesotan, I remember it well. I never did get a snow blower myself and have done my share of shoveling--I think my back is finally getting healed. It's a cool 44 here this morning and my winter jacket felt good when I walked the dogs. I am a real Floridian now. I do miss having all the fun colder weather women's wear though. You have more options where you live. For now, I stuck here in sunny Florida. LOL. Good luck with clearing out.
  10. Jess, I am so sorry for your loss. It is such a big hole in your heart. All I can say is that time does help. I'm glad you have so many good memories. Like you, when my wife died, it did free me to go more to my feminine side. Still mostly in the closet myself, but that may change slowly but surely.
  11. I don't have anything special to write about. I only wanted to let you all know how special you are and how much I have enjoyed conversing with you. You have certainly enriched my life and I look forward to sharing more of our stories as we travel along. I resolve to have more fun this year and hope you all can do the same. We can celebrate the wonderful beings that we are. I wouldn't have it any other way. Big Hugs to all of you.
  12. Thanks for the info. I actually found more glue-on nails as well as polish strips. I knew I saved all that stuff for a reason. I'll have another go at it this weekend. Here was my last endeavor.
  13. Jess, My nails were my wife's and were meant for a smaller hand than mine. They were the stick on kind and held up well except when doing heavy housework. Also, they made my nails a little sore for some reason. Still loved the look, though. Anxious to hear of your experience. I am going to look for a larger size in different colors.
  14. My New Year's resolution is to get my butt to the groups. I am doing fine this year, so don't worry. I put on some press-on French nails. Love them. I feel more feminine with them on and am even learning to type with them. Now I want some more in different colors. i am going to hate to take them off for work. Ugh!
  15. It is what it is, and we are who we are. For me, also in the closet, for the most part, I get away with what I can without drawing too much attention to myself. But I've always done that anyway--I'm not exactly what you would call flamboyant. It's not the same. but I didn't think weed would become so open and accepted in my lifetime. Emma is right, though; the genie is out of the bottle. Progress does not go in a straight line--pun intended.
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