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  1. Another good article, Lori. Funny, Dr. McGinn is one of the surgeons I've been leaning toward for GRS and I talked to Christine Hallquist at Keystone, PA last March.
  2. Don't know a whole lot about meds;: scare the hell out of me, but so many meds a day may be causing some interactions? Maybe have your primary doc or pharmacist thoroughly review your daily cocktail?? I'd bet some were prescribed long ago and may no longer be relevant nor helpful.. Many times simple things like vitamin D (from the sun 🌞) combat and relieve feelings of depression.
  3. Now, that's good! And we think we have problems?? L0L I have to tell you, that made MY day!
  4. Dee, Happy Father's Day.🙋‍♀️
  5. C'mon! Using a restroom is a biological necessity. Is society really that ignorant that it should make any difference, whether trans or not, what restroom is used. Last I knew they all had some degree of privacy!!!!!
  6. Sounds to me like you had a great first experience out. Your " standout highlights" were exactly what the doctor ordered, ! Your next excursion will bring many more new ones, each as satisfying and more profound for your own psyche and self realization and before long Dee will be the most natural you that ever was; you'll know longer want to know, you'll KNOW. I ran into a friend last week (on purpose) whom I used to see several times a week for the last 15 years, but had not seen since I closed my business about 7 months ago. Had a great talk he never had a clue about Jess. When I got home he texted me.... Congratulations, he likes it, and has never, ever seen me so happy and natural. Looks forward to him and his wife getting together with me again soon.
  7. Sounds like he's already won! Hopefully everyone else can recognize it!
  8. Perfect example of how we all can make a difference for ourselves and others. 👭
  9. Take me with you??? LOL. Wish I could! My advice? Keep a huge smile on your face and let everyone feel how good you feel.
  10. Another article on birthright Citizenship. Mostly LGBT couples are mentioned here, but I wonder how many cis hetero couples are affected by this? Is it random? or is it selective?https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/both-parents-are-american-the-us-says-their-baby-isnt/ar-AABGXbe?ocid=spartandhp
  11. Thanks Monica and Lori; a ton of information on those little underlined "links".
  12. Another important topic; thanks Lori. Check out https://s-a-moore.com , Sarah Moore, an active Police Detective transitioned while on the job, now works in the domestic violence investigations with a Police department in New England. I had the pleasure of meeting her at First Event in February and then again in Keystone late March. She also travels to other departments around the country to train and educate other police officers about transgenders. Was able to chat with her at length as my son is in law enforcement, I know many, many police officers and found we had a lot in common besides just being transgender. She also gave an excellent workshop at Keystone detailing what to do and what not to do when dealing with law enforcement. The point is she is trying to make a difference by getting out there and having some positive results at it. She is just one person positively affecting the views of most everyone that she encounters.
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