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By karenozark,

I have been on spiro for five or 6 months...I have to start taking estrogen soon so I don't get osteoporosis...the other option is going off spiro but I don't want to go back to producing testosterone...I'm scared and alone

Beard Shaving

By karenozark,

does anybody have good advice for beard shaving...is it best to use razor and cream or electric razor ...i also use a concealer to hide my beard and its okay but im self conscious...what shaving products are best...thx karen

Random Notes

By karenozark,

I showed a lady at work pics of me as Karen and she was very supportive ....it depresses me so much to walk through Target as a male and want to comfortably shop for female clothes but don't bc im too scared to be seen by someone I know or judged by others I don't. sometimes I feel like crying right there in the store...anybody else go thru this. hope everybody is doing good..

im 45 born in 1966. from 1985 to 2009 my sex life was a lie....I had many female partners but the only way I could orgasm during intercourse was to pretend my penis was my vagina rubbing up against theirs. I stopped trying to get female sex partners the past couple years under those false pretenses and for that im happy but I also barely to never haven sex anymore. I love sex with women tho for other reasons related to being trans I guess and I also fantasize about having sex with straight men as a woman.

Today I feel good...dressed as Karen and just doing stuff around my apartment ....enjoying watching the games too....having some problems posting a comment to my last blog so I say thanks to all who responded...also to michael I say we are fine tuning the worksheet each week to make it most useful to me and soon others. I wish all of u joy and peace (of mind and body). dont forget to follow me on twitter at twitter.com/dannyozark and if u do let me know u found out bout me on tgguide.com

I am in the process of devising a really cool worksheet with my therapist to track and grade my efforts in my transformation process ...this is necessary bc left to my own devices I will procrastinate and mess up despite how I feel inside ...the goal is to become the CEO of me becoming Karen and I have to take responsibility and have accountability ... hope you all are doing well ...bye Karen

Last night I shaved my legs for the first time...it was actually my gender psychologists's suggestion as a way for me to begin relating to Karen more and spending quality time with "her/me." I loved the experience and wish it was something I've been doing for a lot longer. I tried to do a good job of it and I hope to get better. I also shaved my toes, butt and genital area...felt like I should have gone all the way but it was enough to start. I am really glad I did this. It may seem like small beans to more seasoned trans women but it was a great experience for me.

Wigs + Stuff

By karenozark,

I only have one wig and even my psychiatrist says I should have more. I'm so nervous about buying clothes and accesories and being caught by people I know. Most of the saleswomen i deal with in stores are pretty cool though. Very soon for so many reasons I am going to have to swallow my pride and show more courage for my true self. if i am nervous about this kind of stuff how do i expect to handle the ridicule people will direct at me when I am transitioning outwardly/publically?

Last night was strange...usually dressing makes me feel more relaxed, but instead i was having a mini panic attack and my leg was shaking and heart beat increased. I think it is because the mental aspects of my gender therapy are becoming more intense and ground breaking-- so there is increased fear for me. As always, I hope to gain more courage like so many of you on this site have been able to exhibit.

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