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Update - Hormones

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I had a little bit of an odyssey this weekend filing my prescription. So even though I received the script on Wednesday, I was not able to fill it until today (wow). It's amazing, but it hardly cost me a thing. 2 months of Estradiol and 1 month of Spironolactone for $25 through Costco. So I took Estradiol for the first time today. Just a 1 MG pill, but felt a little different immediately after for about 15 to 20 mins. Not sure what that was about. I had an empty stomach. Also, the Dr. asked that I let the pill dissolve under my tongue for maximum effect. I don't know if that was what did it. For the first 30 days, I am to take 1 Mg twice per day and then it doubles after that. I will have follow up bloodwork in August just to check my levels again. Should be interesting!!

Which is amazing. Insurance is covering the bloodwork and appointments. The biggest short term expensive is electrolysis and laser. I had to delay the laser two weeks, because I had very little growth after 7 weeks. I don't know if it will come screaming back at 8 weeks. I hope not.

Yesterday, my wife had a meeting with our pastor, where my pastor made disparaging remarks about local trans* issues in the area. I somewhat expected being trans may be a problem at my current church. Anyways, my wife was mad and upset and told me to put off telling our pastor that I am trans*. I told her that I may look at other churches. I grew up Presbyterian and did not realize that they are trans* friendly. I am not going to say what denomination that I currently go to, but I will seriously consider going back to the Presbytery. Methodists, Episcopals, UU's and other churches are accepting and won't be a problem for me. I will plan on visiting different ones, one per month, until I can decide what I want to do.

I was so proud of my wife. Her momma bear instincts kicked in big time. I am so thankful for that!

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Dear Lisa,

Please consider the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) that is TLGB friendly.  Have had only one person who had a bad experience with the MCC Church.

Went to the King of Peace MCC Church in St. Petersburg, Florida, and had such a wonderful experience, I consider it my best church experience in my life.  Was on the greeting committee, where newcomers were given red plastic cups at the social after the service.  Talked with them for a few minutes to get to know them, and then introduced them to church members who might have something in common with them.

Be aware that just because a DENOMINATION is TLGB friendly, does not mean the individual church is friendly.  Attended a so-called TLGB friendly denomination church in upstate New York (whose denomination I will not mention) and discovered all the "old-timers" (all Straight, cisgender people) and they were incredibly hostile.  Even though the pastor was Lesbian, learned that they went through pastors like water (like one every year!) and she was a nervous wreck, trying not to piss off the old-timers that were on the board and acted like they owned the church.

Take your time, and look at several churches, going to several services at each one, then choose the one that best resonates with you and your wife.

Yours truly,



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It is absolutely critical to have those pills dissolve under your tongue else they will be lost to your kidneys, having zero affects. Typically a doctor will begin with a low dosage and have you come back in several months to check your hormone levels and then make adjustments.

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Regarding T-friendly churches, there are several in the area to choose from. I am not necessarily giving up on my church, for a number of reasons.

Karen, yes I have been dissolving Estradiol under my tongue. Initially, I am on 2 mg per day and then 4 mg per day after the first 30 days. I have been on 200 mg of spironolactone for over a month. I have a little bit of hair thinning on the top and receding hairline, so I am going to start taking finasteride after my next visit. Since it is an antiandrogen as well, my doctor said that he may need to back off the spiro a bit. We will see. It depends on my levels the next time I have bloodwork.

It's weird, but almost immediately I noticed the affects of the spiro on me. Estradiol, not so much. Except the first time I took it, I was at the grocery, with my first dose under my tongue and I actually felt a "high" from it almost immediately for15 to 20 minutes that went away. That hasn't happened since then. I don't know if I'm just used to it now or if it was situational (i.e. I was standing up and took it after a 10 hour day of working).

I had another hour of electrolysis today on the gray hairs. I will have laser next week, though after over 7 weeks, there are very few hairs growing in. The electrologist seemed to think that will change by next week. There has been almost no regrowth over the last 7.5 weeks. The dense areas of hair are almost gone. There have been a handful of hairs (maybe a couple dozen) that have grown back starting about 4 weeks ago, but the hairs are much more thin than before. But no regrowth over the last 4 weeks. So I am crossing my fingers.


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Monica, I currently go to MCC for Second Fridays moderated by Emma Chattin and Roxanne Edwards. It is wonderful. Emma is a warm, loving and awesome person. I will most likely check out MCC as well as other accepting churches.

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Hi Lisa, I'm so glad that your wife is supporting you, and that you're now on hormones, you seem to be doing beter than me with your electrolysis, I hope it continues to be a success for you.

Estradiol did the same to me the first time I used a patch. The Premarin never did do that, don't know why...........

Living in a very secular society in the UK, I wonder at the US religous society, and how it affects you all..............'spose this is just another difference between our countries. Anyway I wish you happiness at whatever church you choose.

Cheers, Eve.

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