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Post Surgery report 3



Had problems sleeping last night but got around three hours then awake for one then slept for about four hours. The pain during those hours was fairly intense until my friend woke up and gave me my meds. After the medication was taken I almost feel like I am back to myself unlike yesterday after medication was taken I was still in pain. Right now the pain is almost non-existing. It's just before 5 AM which means five hours to go for my post-operation checkup.

I can easily see myself back to work next Tuesday if recovery stays on the path it has been so far.

My recommendation for post surgery is to sleep in bed with your upper body elevated about 30 degrees or as I did, been living in a recliner which I did for operations in the past, works great.


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Dear Karen,

When I had surgery on my left breast at the 9 O'Clock position, to remove a benign growth deep inside the breast, I wore a compression bra post surgery.  Had Percocet, which did cover the pain.

Of course, a biopsy is very different than a breast augmentation or mastectomy.

My thoughts and prayers are with you for your continued recovery.

Your friend,


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Mine looked like a full support cotton bra that hooked on the front.  Had the largest size the hospital offered, and they still had to stuff me into it!  LOL!  It did make me feel more comfortable and helped minimize scarring.

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