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Post Surgery report 4



At my post surgery appointment I was told all looked fine. There will be at least four more visits/check-ups.

They were very surprised when my female friend reported that I had taken only twenty-five percent of the pain killers since surgery and said most patients take all the medication. 

They gave me Lipikar Baue AP creme which helps restore skin's hydrolipidic layer for my breast.

My current pain level is under 1 using 1 to 10 scale :) 


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Dear Karen,

May I suggest Vitamin E softgels to speed healing and, with your doctor's permission, after your stitches have been removed, putting Vitamin E liquid (by piercing a Vitamin E softgel) onto the scar, to prevent scarring.

Women tolerate pain much better than men, in my opinion, due to estrogen, and also women are designed to tolerate pain better in order to give birth.

Tolerated pain very well in all my surgeries and used very little prescription medicine, EXCEPT for my radical hysterectomy, (removed all my female organs along with the top third of my vagina), as well as biopsies of all my internal organs in my abdomen, to ensure no spread of the cancer.  Had to use medical marijuana for two weeks after the hysterectomy, as NOTHING covered my pain, although when I was in the hospital, the nurses commented they saw nobody use the morphine pump less than I did.  Wish the morphine pump came home with me or that I stayed longer in the hospital.  Because I was a Medicare/Medicaid patient, I was in the hospital two nights and three days.

Continue getting well, my friend.

Yours truly,


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