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Went to friends family reunion...



Gathering.png ;

Went to my best female friends family reunion and was a blast. Although I have known her for close to nine years have never met all the people who were there today, a rough guess of 30 family members and I left early, more were coming. I was seen (note I did not say treated) no different than any other cisgender female at the gathering. During the four hours I was there joined in to several conversations which was great as I much rather chit chat then simply sitting there only knowing her immediate family.

In my last entry I touched on having a good support system. This woman has been there for me through both surgeries. Her three children treat me like family and her husband although had issues with me in the beginning has come around to accepting me. I have to say this family truly helped me leap a few hurdles during my journey.


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You look like twins! So glad that you're "fitting in" so well. Males, on the whole. do seem to be more "anti" than cis females in my experience. However, not exclusively.

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Eve, glad you saw the twin thing, several people at the gathering said the same thing. I was going to mention it but was not sure myself.

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Dear Karen and Eve,

Noticed from the beginning the two of you DO look like twins!

Last summer went to my first family reunion in decades (a bunch of homophobes) and regretted it.  Many said snarky comments to me.  As I was going home, I said to myself, "I don't know why, but I feel really lousy right now."  It really hurt when, only ten feet away, a relative said, "what is SHE doing here?"  Had I had my own transportation, I would have got up and left right then.  Actually, I DID get up right then, and walked around the park, looking for a TLGB gathering, but no luck!

My TLGB family is my REAL family!

Hope you can find that life time love soon, that will accept your best friend, as her husband accepts you.

Seems like the west coast is calling . . .

Your friend,


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Is it weird that you sharing your pic has bolstered me to be brave and share a pic of my own? Thank you for sharing. It means a lot. Also... definitely twins :P

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