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Tango by We-Vibe review



Thinking in line with my last post on "use it or lose it" I thought it was appropriate to tell you about a viberator that in my honest opinion is a must have. I know several woman that is a viberator and most have the larger ones for penetration while one woman I know uses one that is for clitorial stimulation.

I have been using a medium size penis shaped viberator that is average length of a penis and decent girth. It does the job but takes a while to climax. It can be used with or without lubricant but two months ago I needed lube.

So with me being constantly aroused last night and today I needed something better. When I say constantly aroused I mean in the car driving to the store, in the store also. The cause was how my underwear was rubbing up against my sensitive area.

So I am looking at the various mini-viberators, they start out at $29, then to $39 then finally $59. The sales lady asked if I wanted any of them opened so I could inspect them which I did. Then I was just about ready to purchase the $39 one she said there is one more and it's very popular, the Tango. She said it is rechargeable via a USB cable, has eight settings and if you hold the on/off button to turn it off it will remember the last setting used so one does not have to cycle through the settings.

I went and did some grocery shopping, came home and setup the Tango to charge which in the manual says 90 minutes but was finished in 30 minutes. 

So now I get undressed thinking this could be great or a let down. Played with a few settings and hit on one that does heavy vibrating, stops for a split second, does a different vibrate then back to the start again.

Didn't know it at the time but when I found the "right spot" guessing in five minutes my toes were curling, spasming to the point I was going to pull it off but decide I am hooked and this is so much better than it's big brother, the penis shaped dildo. 

Let me say this, I can easily do without being penetrated by a penis with this lovely and incredible viberator. Yes skin touching skin is best but there are times when I am alone and horny and not wanting to get dressed, depend on the other person in the mood etc. 

The viberator is well constructed, just the right size and oh my God, the tip is flat on one side and goes to a point and I can not describe in words what the shape does for me but gives me a extraordinary orgasm bar none.

Only down side is the price is $89 but it's worth every single penny.

Check it out even if you are not interested in purchasing one to see what it looks like. I will say the site is boring yet that's fine when the product is fan-f**king great.











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One slap coming up once on my road trip :) 

In regards to a "go bag" or "bug out bag", I keep one at work with focus on CERT where I am part of the core team in Salem Oregon and also an instructor. Off in left field, when I went for instructor training most had more expertise then me and had been EMT professionals. At first I was surprised that 90 percent of them smoked then figured it out. Back on track, have another "go bag" in my car trunk. The first one indeed has a firearm while the second does not. The last one at home has an AR and 22 rifle sitting there next to the bag. Okay, this might be a slap on the back of the head thingie, some might wonder, why two rifles at opposite ends of the caliber spectrum. If I was being attacked by intruders during civil unrest more likely than not it will be a pack of scumbags. If you shot with the AR they split apart but if yeah shot one or two with the 22 they are more likely to come to the rescue of the one's shot. While doing so I change up to the AR (or my bear rifle) and that is all she wrote. I don't advocate ever senselessly shooting another human unless my life was dependent on it.

Lastly, I am in a group that we all meet in the country and are well prepared to fend off intruders and live comfortably as one can in the woods for extended periods of time. We have two brothers who are Marine sharpshooters for the outer borders :) 



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Hiya Karen. Pink or Blue. I Would Choose Pink ! My Favourite Colour !  Karen, Have Plenty Of Fun, And Enjoy Yourself !  By The Way, I Did The Test, and, Like You, Scored Myself 5.5.  Both Number 3 Columns Meant Business, For Me As Well.  Karen, You Are So Helpful, Thank You So Much Sweetheart.  Speak Soon. Take Care. With Very Best Wishes, Stephanie. xoxo


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Well I'm not sure if I like the original blog entry or the after dialogue the best LoL!:) Fishing lures indeed! is it the vibration that attracts them ! And the thought of Kave girl Karen in cave cooking fish on a stick over an open fire with dishevelled hair, dirty face in a tank top and thong is highly amusing!

With regard to libido I fully understand Karens blog, I just want my GRS all the more, I already have a much different libido than was the case before HRT.

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