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Getting noticed




I find it interesting that my new car seems to draw a good deal of attention to me. Friday I decided to wash the car out in front of my house on the street simply because car washing places are not good for convertibles. Any ways a middle age man walks down the street and says hello, I say hello back, he keeps walking. Then about five minutes later he walks back up the street and says "you are breaking my heart, you look fine today girl". I immediately can tell no matter what I say he is going to use that as an open door to talk to me so I simply act like I don't hear him so there is no opening for him. I take a quick glance up and he smiles, I don't and continue washing the car. Then about 15 or so minutes later I am heading inside and there he is again. At this point any advances he attempts I would had gone into my mode of "you asked for this" meaning I would had taught him a lesson he would not soon forget if you caught my drift.

Over the past few months I am surely learning how woman feel if similar situations and have sympathy for them and it appears it's on me too.

Of course there are decent men too, at my friends house yesterday I was standing by my car and a twenty something man walks by, smiles and complimented me how I looked and that I had a sweet ride. I smiled, said thank you and he kept on going. Turns out I see him get into his car, a very nice BMW sports car.

I can't stress this too much that once you are out, passing with no issues and look good that you are going to be hit on. Depending on your mindset most of us who transitioned will have no clue on how to handle these situations, not much different than a teenage girl getting hit on for the first time.

Consider what you will say, how you will react beforehand so that you are not actin awkward and bring undue attention as this can be problematic if they get it in their head something is not right or you leave an opening for them to continue their attempt to seduce you and this is not what you wanted. Even if you want this you still need to be prepared so all goes well. There have been a few times when I first was out after surgery that I was a tad under prepared and learned from this. Now I even flirt for the right female or male.

Food for thought  


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Karen, it sounds like you are settling in just fine.

I've had these kind of pickups every once in a while. Seems to happen to me when I go to Target, for some weird reason or when I get gas. Usually I know how to handle the situation, depending on what is said. There are times I am direct with the person, other times I give them a death stare and walk away. Or other times, I say thank you. Sometimes I am speechless. I had a gentleman say, "hello beautiful". I was speechless. The words "thank you" were murmured from my lips. That was all that he said and he kept walking. In a way, I hate that. Being objectified. Yet, when someone says something like that, it is difficult for me to respond.

Yet I flirt with people as well. Most people recognize that I am trans and they are either curious or just want to learn more. It doesn't hurt looking good in the process.

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Hiya Karen. I Love Your Photograph, in Your Car. Karen, I hope You are having fun. I Don't blame You for not taking any Messing ! Your Own Safety comes first ! 

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I was wearing (like any other day) a Pandora bracelet, a delicate butterfly necklace and a very plain thumb ring. Compliments are usually from females on my nails and  butterfly necklace. I was surprised recently that this young woman, think she is about 25 sat at my desk on work on a project and said I see you changed your nail color, I just love it. Woman seem to notice more what other woman are wearing. Me when male, eyes always focused on the woman, not so much what she was wearing. 

I do agree that jewelry can creating an opening as I have seen it happen.

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