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Sports car club adventure today



Met up with the local Miata club this morning. They meet for coffee and then go out for a drive that last anywhere from an hour to three hours. Today seems my car was the center of attention as it’s the latest model. The drive after coffee was great, the lead driver picked out a fantastic route that had many enjoyable curves. Afterwards he told me several times that I did great with the turns, better than he thought I would do. Have to say out of the six members I met they are very nice people with excellent driving skills. When I say excellent driving skills that means they handle the curves well and today I have to say “it’s all about the curves”.  I was right behind the lead driver and noticed that he rarely hit the brakes on what some would call challenging curves in the road at a decent speed. I later found out that he does not use the automatic function of the car but instead only the paddles which I have not even begun to explore but will be doing so shortly. Anyways it was a great morning and looking forward to next Saturdays drive.



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Dear Karen and Roxanne,

Have driven a sports car once, a Comaro, the poor man's sports car, and was amazed at how it took off with the slightest touch on the gas!  

Your friend,


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The newer Camaro is far from a poor man's sports car unlike years ago but unsure of the newer one's performance. Any ways I needed something small, compact, has all the neat features (this morning I learned it tells me if I am driving over the speed limit) and it does. 

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