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Being honest



It has been a rough week. I told my friends and parents I am transgender. My wife has by far had the most emotion about it and we spent a number of hours crying together in the last two weeks. 

My father also had his whole array of emotions infront of us as I spilled the beans on how I have been hiding this burden in my life from them for 30 years. He has subsequently accepted it and offered his support and even made an appointment for me at the psychiatrist. 

My mother gave me her cold medical shoulder and said it's my thyroid gland that is defective and I need medication. A few days later she warned my wife not to sleep with me anymore as I am now gay and an AIDS risk. 

My sister and I had a heart to heart and she later told my dad that she feels sorry for me for having to have hidden it from everyone for so long. 

I feel lonely and abandoned at the moment since my sturn male persona crumbled in a matter of weeks after serving me so well for what feels like a lifetime. I am going to miss him too you know, but he broke and I can't stand the thought of even trying to fix him.

I am out now and I am never going back. People will just have to get use to me the way I am now. 



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What I get out of this entry is that you are sure this is the right path yet a familiar theme has emerged in that family does not condone or is accepting of your gender dysphoria. Since you seem sure that this is the right path then I would say you need to find friends who are supportive along with seeking out a local group that you can talk too. What you don't want is to go through this alone if at all possible and I speak from experience that came from others along with allowing others into my life. One can only hope that given time all or some of your family will come to embrace you as you were meant to be, a female and that you have no choice in this matter.

One of my recent things was joining a car club, a fresh start with people who don't know I was formerly male and find me not only meeting up every Saturday for coffee and a drive but also getting together with other members during the week. You might consider doing something similar like joining a bowling league, a book club or something similar that when doing so decide if it's right to expose yourself as a male on the path to becoming a female where of course your comfort level of (hate to say this) of passing dictates how you present yourself.

Best wishes on moving forward to blossom into the woman you are meant to be.      

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Hiya Bianca. I Am Stephanie, a 53 Year-Old MtoF Transsexual. I have a Wife, who Herself is Bi-Sexual, and She is having Physical Relationship's with Other Female's, and Male's. Our Relationship is Completely Gone. We are still under the same roof, at the moment, but once a week, I now go to an LGBT Club, on a Friday Night, called Pink Punters, which is about 20 Miles away from Home, and I stay in A Local Hotel to the Club, as well. All the Friend's I have who matter, are being totally Supportive of My Transsexuality.  Bianca, by sharing on here, You are Not alone, but, Karen Payne has given You some Great Advice as well. You, like Me, might try to find a Club to go to. Bianca, I Am in the UK, and anyone wanting to know where Pink Punters is, it is 2 Watling Street, Fenny Stratford, near Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom.  It is totally Lesbian; Gay; Bisexual; Transgender/Transsexual; orientated. The Staff, Door-Staff, and everyone else are lovely. Bianca, I Came-Out as Transsexual, on 30th. April, 2015, and I have been Fully, Full-Time; Female-Dressed, and Living; since 1st. May, 2015, which includes being out in Public, as well. Bianca, seeing Your Photograph, You are a very Pretty, Beautiful Young Lady. Good Luck, Take Care, and My Very Best Wishes, Stephanie. xoxo 

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I feel sorry that your Mother has given you a cld "medical" shoulder, is she a doctor or a psychiatist ? It sounds as if she's in denial and possibly has some sense of guilt, does she feel that she is in any way responsible for your dysphoria? It's good that your father has shown that he is so open minded after coming to terms with the situation, maybe he'll be able to change your mothers mind..............

Be who you really are, anything less is self denial.

Best wishes for a happy future,


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