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I've always loved womens underwear, the feel of it, the look of it, it's magnificent! Sadly they were not made for the junk men carry around but we make do.

I went out and bought some standard briefs, nothing fancy just cotton, still more comfortable than boxers. I wore them around the house and out of plain sight, I love them.

Some people might think that this type of thing is 'wrong' but, well, fuck them! They obviously never tried on womens panties...

Now bras, bras are a pain because obviously they were not made for men. However, small cup sizes and a couple small socks tend to do the part. This so far I have strictly kept in the bedroom so no one had the chance to see me. If I got really confident I think I could go out in a full outfit, provided I thought I looked like a woman.

Recently I wore some panties out and while I was at work. Being the chicken I am  I put boxers over them, so no one would see them. It felt invigorating to walk around knowing that I was wearing them, everyone else was none the wiser.

Thanks for reading...

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