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Mrs X...



What about names? How do I pick a new name, that is like the hardest choice ever! Do I just girly-fy my name or pick a whole new one? Do I keep my last name? I imagine I would keep my last name, provided my family don't disown me when and if I tell them.

I like Olivia, I knew an Olivia once, she was nice but I don't want to just cop out and pick any random one. I like anastasia because I read 50 Shades and loved it! I also don't want any of that silly nonsense like 'North West', what is that?!

Tricky stuff, it'll be a long time before I need that fortunately so I have some time to decide.

Thanks for reading :)


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I had found out years ago that my mom would have named me Roxanne if born as a "physical" female.  When making the choice to transition I then chose that as my new name.  

My mom still doesn't know about my dysphoria but when I tell her I'm sure my name choice will help lessen the blow...

But then that's just me....


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Dear GenderFiasco,

Please take your time trying different names before you commit to a legal name change.  Repeated legal name changes may get you flagged as a potential fraudster.

Yours truly,


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I just wrote about my own choice in reply to Jay's blog entry - but will add that it may be a tough choice, but ultimately a great chance to decide on something that is so central to your life that most people don't ever make :)

As far as the possibility of multiple changes, at least legally there are sometimes limits (in some states you can do it twice, aside from marriage-related changes)

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