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Make Up



I think that with my blatant lack of make up expreience it's going to be a real hardship. I have some and some more coming (it's so expensive!) but not a clue how to do it really...

I kind of know a little through watching people do it and a couple of youtube videos (the source of all my learning) but I imagine I'm going to look a state when I first have a go ;)

I haven't tried any of it yet but I think the beard will be interesting to cover. Obviously I'm going to shave as much as possible first but I'll never get right down to skin. 

Another thing is contour? I have a man face pretty much and I believe this contour thing makes it look like you've got shape or depth? I don't know, I'll focus on not looking like a 4 year old just painted my face first ;)

So I bought all the stuff I think I'll need. Foundation, eyeliner, blush, eyeshadow and some brushes, if theres anything I missed or some hints in how to use these items please do let me know :)

Thanks for reading, any input would be much appreciated, in any aspect of this whole thing.


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Dear GenderFiasco,

May I suggest you do a search on Google and YouTube, "Makeup for Transgender Women," as well as "Makeup for Transsexual Women."  Have found some excellent tips online!

Yours truly,


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Although not made specifically for transwomen I find stephanie lange's videos on YouTube helpful (she explains things well)

I definitely remember having the same fears, but a little practice really does go a long way!

As for the beard, Kat Von D makes a tattoo cover-up foundation that is very effective on facial hair (i've found it at sephora).

Electrolysis is also good for that :)

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