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What did you wear?



So, while I am at the beginning of my journey, I'm trying to think of everything. Right now I'm focuses on appearances and finding out how I might look.

At some point I will try and test the waters outside, maybe go to the shop at first then venture out further. Before that I need to really know what to wear, make up, all that great stuff.

So I guess my question is this, to anyone else out there that has already transitioned or anyone going through the journey too: What did you wear? How did you wear it? How did you know you were ready to go out?

I look forward to talking to all of you :)

Edit: Just wondering, if there are any cross dressers, drag queens or trans folk out there who have worn bras as a male? If so what did you stuff them with, I know you can get like fake breasts but just thinking of right now... Socks? I have tried socks I'm just curious...


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Dear Gender Fiasco,

I used false breasts and then when my boobs started to grow large enough I used chicken fillets to supplement them. Try wearing stuff that doesn't attract too much attention, you don't want to get noticed when you are starting out on your journey, later on if you decide that you want HRT and you start developing a more feminine shape you can start to wear the more attractive styles of clothing.

If you use a full cup pre-formed bra without seams, you can stuff it with whatever you want, however be sure not wear low cut tops.



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I started by wearing casual things around the house, jeans, androgynous tops, non-descript sneakers, etc.  As I became more comfortable, I began to wear these same clothes out shopping.  No one knew the difference.  I was comfortable in clothes that fit so I wore them.  Wasn't long before I added a wig, breast forms and makeup, purse.  Soon the jeans became a bit more obvious as I wore jeans with designs on the back pockets and more colorful tops.  I'm very comfortable going out shopping and running errands in casual clothes.  When I have an appointment or interview, I wear a dress or skirt and sweater.  Although I am in mid-transition, I don't feel male or want to appear male at all.  I am a woman now and will live everyday as myself.  Enjoy your journey as you become more comfortable with yourself.  Others will accept you for who you truly are.



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Hiya Gender Fiasco. I have one Bandeau Bra, which has a Bra Pad each side. I have bought some cheap bra's with pad's, and used several each side of the strapless Bandeau Bra. I wear another Non-Wired Full-Cup Bra over the top, which is Size 38B. I have several of these, which are of the same size, style, and pattern. So I wear Bra's, which are Very Comfortable. I wear Lovely, Sexy, Pretty, Bra's; Knickers; Suspender-Belt's; and Stocking's, all the time.  I also wear Female Jeans, or Female Leather Trousers, or Skirts and Blouses or Top's, or Pretty Dresses. I do NOT wear Male Clothing. at all now, and I have NOT done so, since I started Fully, Full-Time, Female-Dressing, and Living, on 1st. May, 2015. Gender Fiasco, I  Now Regularly Go To the World-Famous UK Nightclub, Pink Punters, at Fenny Stratford, near Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, in The United Kingdom. It Is a Fully LGBT Friendly Location.  Gender Fiasco, if You have an LGBT Friendly Location, try Going there as well. I Love going to Pink Punters, because it is so Safe, Comfortable, and Relaxing as well.  Gender Fiasco, Keep in Touch, if You would like to. Good Luck, Take Care, and Very Best Wishes, Stephanie. xoxo 

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Since my teenage years I always wore breast forms when out. Back then they were foam forms as I was not aware of anything better. Clothing, I wear the same thing cisgender females wore so that I would blend in, not call undue attention to myself. Since I got the tucking down pat I could wear tight jeans which I favor to present time.

Many who are cross dressers favor mini-skirts, pantyhoses and high heels which are in direct contradiction to what the average cisgender female wears yet I can understand the attraction to these garments and at all cost avoid them like the plague for casual outings.

If one is to go out as a female it is critical to first work on your female voice followed by covering up the five O'clock shadow and by all means work on mannerism of a cisgender female. I like many others did these things and will greatly increase your chances of not being made. 

Once on hormones and removal of facial hair begins one can concentrate more on voice and mannerism. I can not stress too much how important mannerism and voice is too becoming at ease when out. 

Looking good is one thing but being able to communicate with others is paramount else you will end up in one or more uncomfortable situations which makes it more difficult to go out again. The more you are out the easier it gets yet many have issues stepping out the front door, get into their car and enter the world we were comfortable as male now is a place where one turns white with fear because they have not practice the techniques and skills needed to be comfortable when out and if you are not comfortable others will pick up on you and focus on those vibes.

I honestly forget when the last time I was nervous going out, may be ten years ago but do remember prior to that time I was in the same boat as others and learned quickly that (as others have done) that it's a whole lot easier being out in stores and such where people would not recognize me.

When I was 18 I went to a store in the next town over, dressed no different than any other female. Walked into the store and everyone stared at me. I truly believed I was made until a sales person tapped on my shoulder and said something like "you can't smoke in here". I then realized when she addressed me as female and told me to put the cigarette out my heart slowed down and I spent quality time there. The funny thing is I still have a pair of underwear I purchased in that store on that trip, a reminder to myself I could do this.

Another memory was walking down the street over a long block where a man on a motorcycle kept circling the block and realized I was being watched and thought he had made me as a cross dresser and who knows what he wanted. Ended up at a stop light he asked if I wanted a ride. I was still learning my female voice but took my time to get it right and said something like I was not interested. As he rode off I called me a foxy lady, I of course grinned.

In both cases and similar cases I did it right clothes-wise, mannerism and voice while other times earlier in life I did not and saw that people wondered if I was a cross dresser or (and this did happen) people believing I was a tom-boy.




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Thanks so much to everyone for taking the time out to reply! I havent been able to comment until now but rest assured I have been reading them and they're making me much more comfortable and much more eager too!

I'm not 100% certain about breast forms yet, also I don't have a whole lot of money right now but I imagine I will spring for some eventually...

It's really comforting to know that theres so many others like me out there who were at my stage at one time or another and heart warming that you would all take the time out of your days to share your stories with me :)

I have so many questions it would seem and no one around me personally to answer them, this sorta thing doesnt happen to everyone ;) 

I can understand why it would be a good idea to wear skirts, I recently bought some leggings, a top and a couple other bits and the leggings dont exactly hide the crotch area, in fact they probably make it more obvious. I'm definately going to look into a skirt or dress, although I still have all of my leg hair so thick tights?

As I said so many questions...

Really if any of the commenters are reading this I truly do appreciate your help, it means a lot to me!

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Hi, GenderFiasco

I am so happy that we are able to help.  We are a community of women who certainly care about each other.  The most wonderful thing about transition for me is finding a wonderful community of so many women who share similar experiences.  You are beginning your journey and even without much money, you can progress.  As Karen suggests, you can work on your voice and mannerisms as you as also developing a wardrobe and experimenting with makeup.  It's a beautiful journey to becoming a butterfly.  Enjoy it.  If I can offer any advice or you just want to chat, I'm willing to share my experiences with you.

Warm hugs,


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When I was just ocassionally cross-dressing I tended toward a more "fun" wardrobe (mini skirts, short shorts ,etc), but as I started presenting female more often (full time now since August) i've added some more business-like attire, but haven't abandoned mini skirts and short shorts :) (just not to work obviously)

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