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Hiya Blair Jamie. Darling Girl. If You and I lived near each other, I would be giving You a Big Hug, and Cuddle. Because, right now, it sounds like, that is what You could use. You are an absolutely Fantastic Young Lady, and I for one Sweetheart, being a Transitioning MtoF Transsexual, am following Your Blog's. Blair Jamie, believe Me when I say this to You Please. You ARE "The Transgender Teenager", who definitely "IS" Making a Difference to Other People's Lives !  Blair Jamie, I really wish that I could have "Come-Out", as Transsexual, when I was 17, My Life could have been so much better, earlier. Since "Coming-Out", almost 7 Month's ago, My Life has vastly improved. Sweetheart, Please Do NOT Give Up what You are doing, You are such a Lovely; Kind; Considerate; Decent; Pretty; and Beautiful; Young Lady, and You REALLY Deserve to be Happy, Darling. If somebody else, has put any doubt, into Your Head, could it be, that They are Jealous, or even unable to come-out, themselves ?  Blair Jamie, Keep Going, because, I for one, am going to keep watching Your Blog's.( The Last One, nearly made Me cry ! )  Good Luck, Take Care, and My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xoxo 

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Hi steph!

i just read this now! it actually means the world to me to read such a nice heart felt comment, it certainly helps in those days off.

I however had pushed on with another video (favourite one so far)

Again thank you for your love and support and i am of course here for you to xxx



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