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Hiya Blair Jamie. It Is so Nice to see You looking happier Sweetheart. By the Way, I do like the Pretty Top's, You were wearing in Today's blog. You spoke about Your Past. Well Darling Girl, We All have Past's. I Am Not Proud to admit, that Yes, very many year's ago, I did do Amphetamine Sulphate ( Speed - to anyone Who does Not know ! ), and also Cannabis. This Was well over 20 Year's Ago, and I can Promise that I will never, ever, do that again. Blair Jamie, We All have bad day's Love, no matter what walk of Life, or Who We are. If You are feeling down, or Sad, just Say. It Is far better than bottling it All up, and blowing a gasket. You are a very courageous Young Lady, and to see Your hair growing is good. I have been growing My Own Hair, for over a Year, now. For the first time ever, My Hair is down past My collar. I quite often have My Hair in a Pony-Tail, otherwise, I just wear it down. Blair Jamie, just keep being Yourself, and I will definitely keep watching Your Blog's, as they are so informative. Blair Jamie, those Who matter, Will be there for You, no matter what. ( Those Who are Not there for You, don't matter ! ). That is what I have come to realise, since I Came-Out, almost 7 Month:s ago. Blair Jamie, Take Care, With My Very Best Wishes, Love, Stephanie. xx 


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Hi steph.

Thank you for your comment! yes i am feeling so much better and im so glad you liked this video. Yes that was a new top from boohoo, really love it!

So happy to hear you are clean to xx yes your right we all have past! but lets not re live those mistakes.


Kind regrds

-Blair jamie 

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Hey Blair,


That's a good video, look at how much more confident you are now compared to the first one that I saw. I couldn't see any nervousness, I didn't even notice if you played with your hair, and I could hear all that you said quite clearly, Liked the karaoke bit at the end too.



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Hiya Blair Jamie. Eve is right, about how confident You now look on Your latest video. Your are right Sweetheart about Not re-living Our Past Mistakes. One other stupid, and silly mistake that I made, having Asthma, was to smoke, from just before the Age of 9, until just after I turned the Age of 42. I will be 54, just before Christmas, and 3rd. January, will see Me as an ex-smoker, for 12 Year's, and I will never, ever, smoke again either. My only vice now, is that when I go out on Friday Night's, I do like to drink a few White Wine and Lemonade's. ( I Am a typical Female really ! ).  Blair Jamie, I look forward to Your Next Blog Honey. Keep Smiling, Take Care, and My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xx 

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