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Hiya Blair Jamie. Today's Blog, was Fantastic. Having Lovely Phoebe Harris, with You, was absolutely Fantastic. This Blog had Me in Fits Of Laughter. Blair, Please bring Phoebe on to Your Blog's, on a Regular Basis, as the 2 of You, are obviously very close Friend's. ( The Stuff-Up's, at the end's of Your Blog's, are Brilliant ! ) Blair Jamie, since I Came-Out, as Transsexual, the only Coca-Cola, that I Enjoy drinking now, is Coke Zero. I drink a lot of Water, sometimes I will Drink Tea, but, I like Drinking Coffee, as well. Blair Jamie, shaving is definitely cheaper than waxing. Blair Jamie, You are a lovely Young Lady, with a Fantastic sense of Humour. ( My Jokes can be very silly ! ) My Catchphrase for Myself is, As I Get Older, The Jokes Get Worse ! ( For Example :-  I won't take a Fence, I will just take the Gate-Post Instead ! ). Now You can See What I Mean. Back to the sensible, for a Moment. I Personally, Will be very Glad, When I get to Go, on HRT. I want T-Blocker's, as well. Blair Jamie, Keep Smiling, Please Keep "Queen B's" Blog's Coming.  Blair Jamie, Take Care, and My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xx

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