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Chorus Concert



    So, I joined chorus because I enjoy singing. But we have concerts during the winter and spring. I found out last week that we had a chorus concert coming up on December 16th.

    We have to wear something formal to, and you know what that means. Dresses and suits and all of that fancy stuff. Im not into dresses or skirts, but I know my mom is going to try and force me into wearing a dress. I don't want to either. My boyfriend told me to refuse, and that is what I am going to do. And if that doesnt work then I will say: "if my dad wears a dress then i will," and i doubt my dad will put on a dress and go to see me at my chorus concert in a dress.

    Although it might piss off both my mother and father that i refuse to wear a dress, they have to realize that they cant control everything I do.


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You should do what feels right and comfortable to you, a compromise of sorts though might be in order, a suit that is androgynous, not male, not female.  

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Hiya Jackson. Karen's advice is very sound. Androgynous Clothing, is very sound advice. ( I wish I had been able to choose what I wore, when I was a Youngster. ). Jackson, how about a shirt and jumper, and a pair of trousers, as a suggestion ? It Is only a suggestion Young Man, as I Am Not going to tell You what to do !  Jackson, a compromise is worthwhile thinking about. Good Luck Young Man, Take Care, and My Very Best Wishes, Stephanie. 

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