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New Year 2016



This week I had to work, but I was able to reflect a bit on what was a difficult last three years or so. It's seems as though just in the last three weeks as I have stabilized, I have been able to focus, be more task-oriented, yet be able to look forward, plan and conceptualize what my future might look like or what may be possible.
It is always difficult to say what will happen. Yet I won't let that deter me from making sound plans for myself that are achievable. I have a few focus areas for next year: my family and friends ... work continuously to strengthen many of the life-long relationships that I've had with my friends and strengthen ties with family. Seek out allies. People who I think will support me as I transition. Make new friends and network. Spend more time with not only trans* folks but cigender folks as well so that I can start to socialize in my new role. Come up with a more solid transition plan. But at the same time, not rush into anything or put undue pressure on myself to meet a deadline.

The holidays can be painful for many people. I am thankful that I was able to spend this time with my family. I've lost many people I have loved over the last couple years. And otherwise things were extremely difficult for me for several other reasons. But I am thankful. We all are happy, healthy. We have a wonderful life and home together. I am getting what I need to transition and take care of myself. And most importantly, I have the loving support of my family. Life is a struggle. Eventually, we all lose this struggle. It's what we do during the struggle, which defines who we are. And as bad as things can be, we need to look for the little things to enjoy in life. For me it is my children, the outdoors and riding my bike. And focus on the positives and what is good in a given situation. And invest in the relationships we do have. And create new lasting friendships. It costs nothing to be kind and loving to others. Don't harbor anger. Forgive and love others. Even when they seem beyond loving. It's all tough stuff. And transition is tough stuff.

If anyone is struggling, please feel free to send me a message. I am here for anyone who needs it. I can be a friend if you need a friend or someone to talk to. Just let me know.

I hope that everyone is having a good Christmas and has a wonderful New Year in 2016. I think that it will be a good one! (I hope ... LOL!)

Love and Blessings,



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Hiya Lisa. You are right about Transitioning being Tough. I must admit that I Am a much Happier, and far more Contented Person, since "Coming-Out" as a MtoF Transsexual, and living Fully, Full-Time, as the Female I Am inside. Lisa, You are so lucky, having the Love and Support of Your Family. I don't have that luxury, but, the support of My Friend's, has been terrific. One thing Us Trans-Girl's are lucky with, We can wear Beautiful, Pretty, Sexy, Female Undies and Clothes. I love wearing them. I have got quite a nice selection of Undies, Clothes, and Nightwear. I Love wearing Daisy Ballerina flat Shoes, from Long Tall Sally.  Lisa, Merry Christmas 2015, And A Very Happy New Year For 2016.,Good Health, Good Luck, Every Happiness, Take Care, With My Love, And Very Best Wishes, Stephanie. xx 

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Thank you Veronica, Violet and Stephanie. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you too! I still have a long road ahead of me. I recognize that. I am just so thankful and glad that I have the support of ladies like you as I go through this journey. --Lisa :-) <3


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Hiya Lisa. It Is going to be a long road for me too ! I Am Not on Hormones Yet, but, I know that they would definitely help Me with the Dysphoria. We must All enjoy Our Journey's, I know that I Am. The Love, and Support, and Kindness, that All You Lovely Ladies, and Lovely Guy's, here on TGGuide have shown Me, is Very Much Appreciated, and It Is a Great Help. Lisa, Take Care, With My Love, And Very Best Wishes, Stephanie. xx 

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