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I have been on spiro for five or 6 months...I have to start taking estrogen soon so I don't get osteoporosis...the other option is going off spiro but I don't want to go back to producing testosterone...I'm scared and alone

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Dear Karen,

We are all, even in crowds, scared and alone. That said, I think you'll fine TGGuude helps with that. It sure has for me.

Please, tell us more about yourself. Let's all get to know each other a little better. We are in this together, my friends. Sometimes good, sometimes less so, but it is our reality. 



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Hey Karen,

i just looked at your profile... 2010! Long time before me. Please understand I wasn't familiar with you and assumed you're a newbie. That said, I hope we will see you around here more. I'd love to hear from you, whet you've done, what you've experienced, and how you're doing.


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thanks Emma...I am hanging in there...hope u are well

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