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That was my first Christmas as a man. Officially, that is. Unofficially, I've been that way for years :P 

But all the documentation, and the websites, and the bank cards and credit cards that I have in my possession, showing my new, real name, they all tell me that I'm officially a man now. (Notwithstanding the fact that my birth certificate still says "girl" on it, but it'll be a long time before that gets changed, so I'm not counting that).

I've just changed my gender on here, in that little dropdown thingy on the profile page. That's a technical term, for all the non-IT people out there - "dropdown thingy" ;) 

I just changed it. From "Transgender" to "Male". Because when I logged in, I looked at my profile and thought, "My gender isn't transgender. That's an adjective to describe me, maybe, but it's not my gender." At best I would choose "Trans male" if it was there, or "Trans man". Or maybe "AFAB". But, hey, I'm male and I'm proud of it. So I changed the dropdown thingy.

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone on here a fabulous 2016 and I hope it brings each and every one of you everything you desire. Personally, I desire the T, but I'm in for a long wait, it seems. Maybe this time next year my voice will be a little deeper and I'll be moaning about having to shave every morning before I go to work, but who knows...?

Hey... and before I forget... if anyone in the UK happens to read this and they are planning a visit to Sparkle 2016, and they feel inclined to have a wee dram or a cup of tea with a Mancunian who is also planning a visit to Sparkle 2016... well, as long as you're not an axe murderer or something... B)

My thanks go to all you guys and girls who have provided such valuable advice to me this year. Much respect. And hugs. Ok, maybe just one hug. A quick one. Before anyone sees.

Have a Happy New Year. xx



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Hiya Jay. Young Man, I Am glad that You have had a Good Christmas. This has been My First Birthday, ( 20th. December ), and My First Christmas, Officially, as Transsexual. To be Fully; Full-Time; Female Dressed; And Living, has been Lovely. ( I Love Pretty Clothes ! ). I Am Very Happy for You though Jay. The fact that You have got Your documentation changed, must have been a really wonderful feeling. ( I have told My Family, that once I have been "Out" for a Year, which will be 30th. April, 2016, then I Will be Officially changing My Name. ). Jay, I have 3 Son's, so All My male clothes have been sorted out for them. ( I do Not wear Any male underwear, or clothing, or footwear, at all ! Thank Goodness ! )  Have You ever been to Pink Punters ( Nightclub ), at Fenny Stratford, near Miltion Keynes, in Buckinghamshire, U.K. ?  It Is somewhere that I usually go to on Friday Night's. This is somewhere that I feel totally Happy, and Safe.  I know that You are waiting for"T", I Am hoping to go on Oestrogen, but when, I do Not know !  Jay,  as long as You are Happy Young Man, that is what matters !  Jay, to You, and Your Husband, Good Health, Good Luck, Every Happiness, and A Very Happy And Healthy New Year For 2016. Jay, Take Care, And My Very Best Wishes, Stephanie. xoxo 

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Well Jay that reminds me to check out my own profile, it probably still says Transgender, I just hadn't thought about it, you're absolutely correct of course. It's nice to recieve some wisdom...........thanks. Don't think I'll be going to Sparkle this year but if I do I'll drop you a line. But I do plan on going to the Brighton Trans Pride 22nd to 24th July, I've never been to this festival before, and i think that I need to attend the famous festivals at least once, Sparkle was last year..........


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