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Talking of...




I know what works for me. The best therapy for me is immersing myself in my music or my painting or my writing. So I just bought myself a new synthesizer. It was either that or download a shed load of new music. And I've spent quite enough money on music downloads lately.

I seem to have lost my muse when it comes to writing. The stories are in my head, but they aren't making it onto the virtual paper of my computer screen, for some reason.

It's annoying; having all these tales rattling around inside my brain but unable to get them out. I have this one story on my mind at the moment that is almost perfectly formed. I have the characters, the storyline, a lot of the dialogue and most of the action between the two main protagonists, but each time I sit down to write it, there's a block - and I sit, staring at the screen, thinking, "How do I start?" It's stupid. I know the whole story; I know how it starts, how they develop their relationship, how their tale ends. But can I get it out of my brain? Nope.

The last time I had a block like this, I worked out what I'd done wrong. On that particular story, I had backed myself into a corner, leaving me with a chapter I knew I had to write, but unable to get it out. So I went back and changed the previous two chapters, allowing me to then attack that next chapter differently. It worked. But now, if I can't even make a start on this new story, I can't get myself out of the corner. And these two characters are occupying my dreams as well as my waking mind, so I have to do something about them soon. Otherwise, I may have lost one of my therapies for a while.

Maybe that's why I'm rambling on here. Sorry :unsure: 


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Well my partner writes, she talks with other writers she met on courses and gatherings etc., they help one another are you in such a group? Can put you in touch with my partner if you like?

Oh I 'd just add that some of them are from different countries even, let alone scattered around the UK.



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HI Jay,

It doesn't sound to me like you've lost your muse as much as you've gotten stuck in getting started, into the flow of writing. It's hard to fill up that blank screen. I found what often works for me is to turn away from the computer and use paper and pen. That was surprising for me because it's much slower. But, it's like my psyche knows it's okay if I make a mistake. I just cross it out and keep writing. And soon, the flow just begins and I can choose to stay on the paper or return to the computer. Give that a try!


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