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Gender Dysphoria - a year later (almost)



It's been almost a year since I first openly acknowledged to myself, and then my therapist, that I am transgender (it was sometime in February).  That got me to thinking last night about gender dysphoria.

Early on I had read many accounts of people's experiences with GD, and I was having a hard time relating - most included comments about "knowing from early childhood that I was a girl trapped in a boy's body," etc., and I didn't really have those memories (I also recognized that at 48 years old I don't have a whole lot of any childhood memories).  Then I started seeing other stories - including Janet Mock's - that resonated quite soundly with me!  It was more about experiencing being the "wrong gender" as opposed to consciously knowing it.  So I settled down, and the road has been much smoother since then.

Anyway, on the point of GD.  The best evidence that I now have that I had it is that I clearly no longer have it - it's in it's absence that it's most noticeable!  On that day last February when I came out, a lifetime of depression and malaise lifted immediately and has not returned (not that i don't have down times, but it's not the same existential crisis that it used to be).

I get really annoyed/angry when i hear about those who question if GD is real, or how serious it is - I know what my life was before and since, and my GD was very, very serious, even if I didn't recognize it as GD (for a good part of my life I don't know if the concept of GD even existed).

Just some thoughts on the approach of my anniversary :-)  (well, one of my anniversaries - I just have to figure out what date it was)



(BTW, I'm trying out "Chrissy" as a nickname)


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Chrissy is good, I've already used it in one of my comments, I really like it, it sounds nice.

Yeah, I too never thought that I was a girl trapped in a boys body, well you've read my past history anyway, but it's when I reflect and look back. that I can see that many of the signs that others have spoken about were there, but I never thought about it as GD, I just thought it was a fetish. I guess male social conditioning made me think that way............ Secrets are a burden and my secret made me unhappy, I'm so glad that I'm now free of it. But what of the future? I have learned that secrets are a burden so I don't want to ever deny that I'm trans..........if I do I'll probably be unhappy again.

So glad that you've progressed into happiness,

xoxo (I still can't help thinking this is some kind of stock cube!)


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Hiya Chrissy.. The name Chrissy is Lovely by the way. A Very Pretty; Very Feminine Name. As You and I, and So Many Other's know, Gender Dysphoria is Real. Like You, I dislike those who question the Reality of Gender Dysphoria. It Is So Very Real. I have Known since I was 3 Year's Of Age, that I Am Female, Trapped, In A Male Body. There are so Many other aspects of The Gender Dysphoria, which have reared their Ugly heads, over the Year's. " Coming-Out " was like having a Massive Weight, Lifted-Off, Both of My Shoulder's. Living Fully Full-Time, as a Female, has made Me feel so much happier, and calmer in Myself as well. Your New Profile Photograph, shows what a Lovely, Pretty, Beautiful, and Happy Young Lady, that You have now become. Chrissy, Have a Great Weekend. Good Health, Take Care, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xx 

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