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Depressed with HM Government



I like many others, some not even in the UK, face changes of responsibility, although in my case not of demotion. Public sector employment in the UK is being decimated by the Conservative (tory) government, they are giving public service jobs to their private contractor mates, so far my job hasn't been privatised, but the implication of privatisation is that I have less to look after, due to whole sections leaving local government employment, thus making the Council that I work for smaller.  I'm  just hanging on for my pension, which when it's large enough I'll retire. My partner also has very similar problems being a consultant paediatrician in the NHS, which isn't really National anymore, it's been so fragmented that the left hand doesn't know what the right hand's doing.  The media is mostly anti EU and wants the UK to leave, the media is mostly pro tory, not much that is derogatory to right wing views and ideals gets published in the majority of the press or aired on the BBC. I have said before that the public are mostly sheep the press are the wolves who feed on the sheep and the tory politicians are the perverted shepherds who should be looking after the sheep. It's a really cosy relationship, a very subtle sort of corruption really. But there's a new dimension now with corporatism creeping - uh?, no, leaping in with Corporations pulling the strings of the idiot politician puppets, and it seems aided by the media.

It's funny but I don't feel very free anymore, we used to pity the communist countries in Eastern Europe a few decades ago, thinking that they didn't have any freedom. To think that we have much freedom of speech, is quite laughable with a media so biased toward the new regime, who will take much notice of whatever I say whether or not it's on social media or printed in the fringe press?

Don't think that I'm anti free-enterprise though, I'm all for it, but I'm very much against giving public services on a plate to private contractors.

I want to leave the UK and live in Europe somewhere, and not be bothered with the antics of right wing idiots.






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Sadly it seems (from my U.S. view) that right wing idiots seem to be on the rise throughout Europe, even in my beloved France!  Don't get me wrong, we're doing what we can to keep pace (Donald Trump and Ted Cruz specifically - Trump isn't really right-wing, but definitely an idiot).

My view is that it's a global issue of economic inequality getting bigger and bigger every year, which drives all sorts of bad things among the have-nots (when you have very little you tend to start focusing on the "others" who you suspect are trying to take what you have).

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To quote a citizen of your country, not long after he was a subject of my country;

"Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for diner. Liberty is a well armed sheep."

Benjamin Franklin.

I think his theory is basically still true today, however things are now a little more complicated.

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Yes I too have always liked them. But the tory shepherds over here are purposefully re-arranging the public sector, setting up it up to fail, so that they can say that the public sector has failed, (and the media will really chime in with that message) privatisation is the only way to make things work.................

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That was the "Reagan Revolution" over here - intentionally drive up deficit spending (on the military mainly) so that they could justify shutting down government services (a "starve the beast" approach).

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I just find it so sad that there are so many people, in government, public service, free enterprise, and general citizens, the world over, that fight so hard to lay claim to more stuff and riches, as well as moral judgments, instead of honestly working to get along. The Earth is a beautiful planet and place to live and grow. Let's just be here, live together however we are, and enjoy the spinning seasons.

I suppose that doesn't contribute much to this discussion. It's just the way I'm feeling this morning!

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