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oh wait...



So i had this epiphany last night...  now keep in mind i have tried to convince myself for years i was male ... which led me to often date straight women.  Which meant they expected me to be a male.  That didnt work out in the long run.  So today i set up an account on some silly dating site that all my coworkers and friends recommend and gotta take some snazzy pictures which also means I'll put some up here.   However I can actually start dating women as a woman.  Might as well give it a shot.  I gotta say it will be kinda exciting and fun to get to really be myself instead of trying to fit into a box i don't belong in.  I can get cuddled instead of cuddling.  I can be a kinda submissive girl and not have to be trying to use male power and act like i have in the past.  Sure some people may not be into me and it might take a while to find some one ... but i bet the relationship will be much healthier cause they will actually like me for me.


Here goes nothing.


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luna, you seem such a kindred spirit.... my male and female parts or aspects are both attracted to women rather than men, especially women at least a little androgynous. the traditional gender roles or rules of dating are occasionally a barrier or problem, but they can also be an early/quick screening device to know if someone is not a good match. I would be really interested in hearing about how it goes dating women as a female and if you openly reveal your transgender status in your profile - no judgment there, just curiosity about how your presentation plays out in your responses from other women. I also love when women initiate things, such as getting together, cuddling, and more. it's wonderful that you are taking a further step in exploring your femaleness and need for relationships with you as you true self. 

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