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Wait for me



               Wait for me
Notions depraved want for your soul,
every moment passes taking its toll.
Remind me, I can not remember if it was lost or something they stole;
Forgive me, forget me, do not weep.
As I will only sink further drowning in the deep. 
With but a faint whisper, be quiet, be still. I just want to sleep. 
There is only silence beyond the cold
A throat that which sorrow took grasp, took  hold.  
Cry out! Cry out! I can not breathe;
Is there nothing I can do? nothing I can say? 
To implore you to holdout for another day.
Perhaps I am your friend or a stranger you have yet to meet.
Just take my hand I will help you to your feet.
Look me in the eyes and just stare,
You will begin to realize I do care.
Open your heart let me see, 
I will come, please wait for me.
                            - J Anderson.

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Hiya Jamie. Welcome to TGGuide. I Am Stephanie, A 54 Year-Old MtoF Transitioning Transsexual,from The U.K. Jamie, Your poem is lovely. It Is Always nice to read Poetry that Is so Well thought out. Jamie, Please keep the Poetry coming. I hope that like Me, You make a lot of Friend's here on TGGuide. Veronica, and Her Wife Violet are 2 of the Loveliest Ladies on here. TGGuide Is the Safest, Most Caring Place to be. Jamie, I look forward to hearing from You on here. Speak Soon, Take Care, And My Very Best Wishes, Stephanie. 

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