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catching up...

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It's been a little while,  been very busy.  Now starting laser treatement and soon starting hrt.  Really excited about this all and am now fully out and refered to as luna etc ... correcting a few people here and there however very much enjoying existing as me and not my old self.  I miss being around here much and hopefully will make some time to be more present on here.  Work has been keeping me busy with many projects and all sorts of good new things.  I look forward to reading all the posts and blogs I have not been able to attend to till now.  Hope to catch ya'll people soon.  <3 <3 <3

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Hiya Luna. It Is Good to hear from You. I Am glad to hear that thing's are going so well for You. I have been Fully "Out" for over 10 Month's now, and I have never been happier. I Love wearing My Dresses, or Blouses/Top's and Skirt's, and it does Not matter where I go, I have got All the Confidence, to wear whatever I want. Luna You lucky Girl, about to start HRT. That would be the thing that would greatly help Me with the Gender Dysphoria. Luna, It Is great news that Your work are treating You as the Person You really are. Luna, I hope We will speak soon. Good Luck, Good Health, Take Care, And My Very Best Wishes, Love Stephanie. xx 

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Great to hear you are making progress :) 


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