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Swingers club



Excited, going to a swingers club tonight. Last week I was given the tour and saw that it was just as much about sex as socializing. Tonight my plan is to socialize, get to know people and unless something intense happens will leave it at that.

One of the things that I liked right up front is they don't give out their address until they exchange a few emails then invite you in before hours, 6 to 8 where the club officially opens for members at 8PM. For females the cost is twenty dollars per month. I was up front with them about being post-op, that was a non-issue with them but will be the first one. After the tour of the club the owner asked if I had any questions. I asked, should I come right out and tell members that I was formerly male. He said it was up to me but also said if he were me simply use good judgement and side on not telling them unless there happen to be an invite for playing with someone.  

Wearing a cute long sleeve (top drapes over the outer shoulders so no bra), just above the knee dress with Italian thigh highs with the black under the back with a garter belt, very little makeup, light eyeshadow and medium red lipstick.

Update report

I arrived at the club 30 minutes beforehand, was greeted by the president of the club and his wife and was introduced to several other early birds. I was asked if ready to join and said yes. Filled out a payment form, $15 for two weeks as a trial member. After two weeks the price for a month for light membership is $15 per month and full membership for $20 per month.

How things went down, during the evening I was approached by a men in his early forties, talked with him for about an hour and saw he was interested. He went off to say hi to several other members then before his seat was cold had a female come over and chatted with me, next up three men who ended up getting into likes and dislikes sex stuff. They were both extremely interested in me and used the term "attractive woman" which I replied with (this is my way), thanks for the compliment but I see myself as average. One came back and said, you (me) are not average but very attractive. So I smiled and continued with the topic at hand.

I was asked about me participating and said, not tonight as I want to learn the ropes. Of course the next question was "will you be back next weekend?", I said yes and will be ready to join in.

Somehow we got talking about orgasams and I said that while sitting here talking I got off slightly by slightly pumping my hips while sitting down which I added could go for a long time but not to a full climax yet very satisfying just the same.

I think one of my coy move was pulling up my dress in front of many men to adjust my garter belt. I slowly slid the dress up to my privates without showing them and spent about three minutes adjusting them. That got me more men coming over and saying hi.

Oh, after about thirty minutes after arriving the president's wife chatted with me, first about a painting on the wall which the model had thigh highs which then had us talking about sexy underwear. She said at one point, I am so curious about seeing your vagina. I said, let me know when you want to see it and she said thanks. 

At this point we got into my current status as female, she said (as was indicated last week) to side on not telling members I was once male as my looks and voice (see made a point on the voice that it was female). Only disclose if I believe not telling would offend someone. The club is not about forging relationships outside of the club but instead to have a good time in the club. With that there are always the exceptions, one man said he was looking to get married again (oh lord, that's not me) and was looking at me.

There was a cross-dresser there with his very supportive wife. My assessment of this person was, this is all about sex, not about passing. (S)he might pass, borderline but the voice was all male and not a completely clean shave. I will say this couple was a delight to chat with. 

BTW As told by more than one member, the club was setup to where females have the power per-say rather than men. There are some pretty heavy rules for anyone violating a female at the club. Permission is needed before physical contact and that females generally start things off e.g. there is a gang-bang event once a month where females are given wrist bands that they hand out to men who they want to be involved. Last week was gang-bang event, had six females going at it and heard it was great. I did not attend but did indicate I wanted to be in the event next month.

Last thought, I believe my hair style was perfect, at the last minute I put my hair up in a pony tail and left strands of hair dangling down in the front which accented well with my black dress, and the black dress was the perfect choice for the night with the Italian style thigh highs, garter belt and FM (Fuck Me) black heels. 

Second update March 16th

Today I received an email from one of the men I met, gave me his phone number, asked if we could meet again this weekend. So now I am contemplating my next action. 






Recommended Comments

How'd it go?  Did you meet cool people and have fun?

​I met some very intelligent, fun people last night who are there for both socializing and sex rather than simply sex. Learned there are just under 200 people in this club and that some make up to a two hour drive several times a month to attend.

There was one couple, male, female that I could tell wanted to play with me from their demeanor and subtle innuendos towards me plus staying at my table were there were plenty of open tables to pick from.

I have to admit that I was taken back at how very nice the people were and at the same time the attention (and I mean lots of it) given to me with conversation only.    

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Miss Karen,

Sounds like you had a very satisfying evening. The hosts seemed very gracious and have a good handle on providing a inviting and SAFE environment. I commend your modesty. Your pretty, just gonna say. The "attractive" thing? You spelled it out right there in your update. The look, the walk, the voice, the mannerisms, the CONFIDENCE, the strength, the poise. I imagine that your devotion to self defense instruction has paid big dividends in this respect. Just an observation. Gentleman pick up on that, or at least, most will. I get the "coy" thing. That works on so many levels. :)



Well after writing this seems I went a bit past replying to your reply, oh dear, I am such a girl :) 

​Thanks for the gracious compliments Veronica. Something your reply made me think of is how I presented myself in the conversations, was not overbearing or too quite but instead blended into their conversations. In my old identity I could easily dominate a conversation but as time travels I have been adapting as you will to the more feminine ways.

I am sliding into a place where men feel very comfortable around me which brings me back to the attractive thing, I truly become overwhelmed at the attention received like last night or at the Miata club or out with friends at a bar. When leaving last night I did feel overwhelmed, in a manner of speaking my breath was taken away driving home.

What really is hard to accept is that one of the men (very handsome) eluded that he wanted to perhaps get to know me for possibly a LTR. Perhaps years ago that might had been a consideration but over the past three years or so I have gotten use to my freedom. This freedom is one price I paid to transition. Transitioning from what I have read goes smoother for a single person who does not get heavily involve in a relationship yet I am sure there are those who do just fine but I felt better being single.

Looking back now, for me the physical transformation is not enough to then go out and be in public such as this club but instead one must spend real time 24-7 to get into the new identity.

Good to hear you got the coy thing, it's something that did not happen overnight either but developed per-say naturally out of how our society is and what is expected socially of a female. 

Thinking back to last night and the president's wife, she said no certain terms nobody suspected me as once being male. I feel the true reason is that time and persistence play a huge part with this which includes things like taken care of myself to what I have learned from voice lessons.  

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Thanks for the kind words Veronica. I am hoping next weekend will be even better regarding the club with socializing and play time.

Doubt very much I would move on from here as I enjoy like minded people and sharing so others possibly may learn from what I have gone through and continue in this life.

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