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Gender Equality Rant



Gender Equality is such an issue here in the USA. frown emoticon

 I hadnt realized how bad it was until I stopped and thought about it, especially knowing that I've been a victim to it first hand. For example: I worked FULL TIME as a chef doing over 46hrs a week at 10.50$ an hr when I was legally registered as FEMALE. After changing my gender to MALE, I also changed my job. I now work as security, part time, doing about 30ish hrs a week at 11.80$ an hr squint emoticon

-_-  like, wtf?

On top of that, I got the job as a chef WITH credentials. My Servesafe certification, past experience, AND Culinary Schooling. I were hired at a base of 10$ an hr. They changed my job titles 8 times to worse and worse parts of the kitchen because I didnt flirt with my boss, show off my chest like the other girls, or suck up to the boys. I stood up for myself, stood my ground, and demanded not to be treated "Like a girl" when it came to tasks. This obviously annoyed managment that I didnt simmer down and do what they wanted.
Other people had been hired AFTER myself with NO experience, NO training, and I started to notice a pattern. PRETTY (flamboyant, flirtatious, make up wearing, prissy girls) girls got about 11.50$ an hr, men got 12.50-14.00$ an hr.

A shy, reserved, transgender guy? 2-4$ less than anyone else >.>squint emoticon

I am SOOOO GLAD I changed jobs and told them to shove it!!! It happened after I was being severely bullied by management and mocked and written up for doing things wrong when I hadnt. When I complained, I was told to stop pointing fingers because "The problem isnt the job or the people. The problem is YOU". Legit quote there from the head manager squint emoticon-_-  Now I work night shift, AWAY from most people, with an AMAZING work crew who knows I'm transgender and respects that! They use my correct name, use the correct pronouns, and correct themselves if they mess up accidentally. My boss is beyond amazing and is extremely patient with me

(Because of my dyslexia, ADHD, Bipolar and other issues, it's hard for me to learn things quickly or to take verbal instructions. I ask the same questions repeatidly but she never faulters to answer me anyway, no matter how much I ask. If I mess up on something, she'll walk me through it herself to make sure I've got it and am doing it the right way. Instead of jumping up and going "no, you do it this way", she'll stop and give me an amused smile until I realize I messed something up, wait for me to figure it out and fix it, THEN says something)

I couldnt possibly ask for a better place to work. I even mentioned to her that I'm trying to get my surgery approved and that I'll need 2 weeks off work, and she immediately agreed and said we'll find a way to make it work.

There ARE jobs out there for people like me and my siblings.
We just have to find them.
Sadly that means shifting through the shit jobs to get to them :( 


As a side note, despite Justin and I agreeing that we do not want to have biological children of our own, I cant help but think we already have a child. A late night of breakdowns from stress and surgery hopes was soon soothed by my amazing fur baby Gabriel <3 He's always there when I need him.


frown emoticon




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Hiya Ren. As always, a great blog Young Man. Ren, that is a lovely photograph, of You with Gabriel. ( Ren, two happy; and contented guy's together ! ). Ren, We have a beautiful cat as well. She is white and black, with 3 black spot's down each side of Her back. I have always been a cat lover, and I always will be ! Ren, Please give Gabriel a cuddle and stroke for Me. Ren, Take Care Young Man, And My Very Best Wishes to You; Justin; and Gabriel. Love Stephanie. xxxx 

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Sounds like things are looking up for you :) And that is wonderful. A thought about the difference in male and female wages, in my profession, software development there are no differences in wages between the two genders. I met up with a cross-dresser recently from another site, (s)he is the team lead for a large group of developers and is fully accepted but with a twist, she works from home which might very well make a difference yet in IT jobs we are all a little off the wall anyways. If there is a point in my ramblings is I would say you are right on yet there are fields that are fine with transgender people and at the same time would guess that cross-dressers are not accepted as much as transgender in professional fields. College degrees may or may not make a difference, I have no clue. 

I will say that higher educated people tend to be less discriminated but how much I don't know.

Best of wishes for you!

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