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And there I go again



Hi all


Reason I say there I go again, I had to play car fixer again for my sister.  Do you girls and guys realize that a car is heavy to push on your own.  But this time round, I reversed the car into the garage, because there is no way in hell that I am pushing that heavy () car again to have to start.


I hope that my sister doesn't stuck tomorrow with the car as she goes to work.  I don't know where it is draining the battery from and I didn't have enough time to trace the fault as I was working.


Ooooooh, some guy asked to see a picture of me and I just handed my phone over and I was looked at and asked a few questions, as he figured out from my instagram (@michelintrans) that I changed, but thought that I was transgender ftm.  I was laughing and said, no.  But yes, this was because I am just as naughty as the guy that asked to see some pics of me.  Yes, he saw my ass, and it's perky as heel, so I am not ashamed of artistically taken pics.  And it wasn't like I was naked, I was dressed in underwear and only kept the artistic not sleazy pics, the rest were deleted.  I even prove that underwear can be used to fight in and showed that I can be a sword wielding biatch, although it was with a WW2 relic, bayonette sword.  That doesn't mean that I don't know how to use a sword, remember is was the only size I could handle as a child to not injure myself when I started my sword works, and I love it as it reminds me of how brave my dad was in real life, and that he is proud of me where he is.


Need to run, my baby is running low on nappies and I have to drive to a shop with his brand as he soaks the bed if you buy inferior nappies.


Love, Respect, Hugs, Adoration, and Understanding



Ps.  No one can see my pics on instagram without me accepting them.  I locked it for my own privacy.


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